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Eddie George, ASLA, talks about how he became a landscape architect and his career after the NFL. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Janice Nicol, landscape architect at The Office of Cheryl Barton, an award-winning firm in San Francisco, shares the importance of creative expression and pa… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsLearn about careers in Landscape ArchitectureCollege of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture | Short Informational VideoBA (Hons) Landscape Architecture & DesignLandscape Design And Architecture CoursesLandscape Design Architecture Courses5 ways to get Free Landscape Architecture Continuing Education Courses

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  • Gar O'Rourke 5 years ago

    did you do your course in ireland? im from ireland too but i’m starting a
    landscape architecture course this september at Kington uni in london…how
    many years was your course?

  • skeletinjsh 5 years ago

    “We do everything outside the walls of a building…we try to bring the
    balance between the two…”/Eddie George/

  • M. Renkas 5 years ago

    STAY AWAY from this profession….out of my graduating class 1 person has a
    job and it is in China

  • Scottzer1 5 years ago

    @ipodojunkie hey I’m going to post this page up on my facebook fan page
    called Landscape Architects, would love you to become a member. I’m also a
    Landscape Architect, studied in Ireland and then England, now working in

  • M. Renkas 5 years ago

    It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. BTW what size plow do
    you have on your truck in the winter time?

  • Alex Reid 5 years ago

    Great architecture video.

  • Wildlife Safari TV 5 years ago

    sir, please I need your help. does landscape architecture programs require
    a lot of MATH like engineering. cause I hate math. please reply me back

  • chstrawter 5 years ago

    yup…I meant rewarding. Another great thing about being a landscape
    architect is that you can communicate graphically!

  • zoponfua1 5 years ago

    Eddie, you mentioned your mentor been an African American however I did not
    notice any African American in your office or video. I think you are an
    inspiration to all and I encourage you to extend your gift to minorities
    who desperately need some doors opened.

  • edingsteve1 5 years ago

    Kudos to you cuz, but the African people have been in America long enough
    to know why we came here for and how we have been treated by the majority.
    My take is that, as an afro person, I have to set up my own direction in
    life and try to be the best at what I am doing. It doesn’t matter if you
    are a genius in a racially founded society and state; you have to set your
    own path and bring about others. I respect eddy for being his own man and
    hopefully others like you are setting the example.

  • iampeeay01 5 years ago

    Nice one… Thanks for sharing this.

  • kjlkjl 5 years ago

    i totally respect that he made enough money playing football to buy a
    landscape architecture firm, but i have trouble looking at those trite
    1970s designs and listening to him talk about innovation in the field. I
    would be willing to bet my next paycheck that Mr. George has never read
    Charles Waldheim or James Corner.

  • ratmaslove 5 years ago

    i love the titans and him

  • RussBum Westbrick 5 years ago

    Egyptians DNA? What is that? Many of the most prominent western
    egyptologist used to call ancient egyptians European BLACKS! That’s enough
    to show the ridicule of even engaging in this discussion. Europe, as
    western europe, appear in world history for the first time in the form of a
    legend 1000BC! How much history was already written when Europe appeared in
    the pages of mankind consciousness? God only knows! Europe as a cultural
    concept, is a child compared to Africa!

  • nwcorgifan 5 years ago

    So, what’s up with this video? In the description, Mr. George is referred
    to as a landscape architect. On his firm’s webpage, it says nothing about
    his actually being licensed. If he’s not really a landscape architect, then
    it seems odd that ASLA would have chosen him to talk about how great it
    is…to be a landscape architect. If he is a landscape architect, then it’s
    not clear why that is not included in his list of credentials on his firm’s

  • sonjVan 5 years ago

    No time to convince my self – I am just doing it… BTW It doesn’t snow
    everywhere in the world in winter – we would be plowing mud! Now stop being
    so bitter 🙂

  • Anne Rosalia 5 years ago

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  • colinfarrell1994 5 years ago

    the only real math that you have to be aware of is geometry and basic trig.
    Not too hard.

  • Gar O'Rourke 5 years ago

    wow 5 years? my course is 3 years for the same BA and i only needed 320
    points! (although i had an interview for the course +had to make a
    portfolio)…cheers for replying

  • zoponfua1 5 years ago

    Sir; I am a registered Architect in the state of Texas with 10 years of
    experience and a product of a HBU; an I say this to emphasize my direct
    experience in the profession today concerning minorities and their plight.

  • Wildlife Safari TV 5 years ago


  • skeletinjsh 5 years ago

    we do everything outside the walls…we try to bring the balance between
    the two…

  • M. Renkas 5 years ago

    you are painfully naive…talk to me again in a few years when you’re
    working in a garden center shoveling mulch

  • Digital ArchLand 5 years ago

    if there are any new landscape architecture students out there that are
    looking for some tutorials say for Sketchup ( a free and very useful tool
    through Google) or ArcGis, check out my channel for tutorials. I want to
    help the community

  • iyo chan 5 years ago

    waaahhhh i just get offer to continuee degree architecture landscape…but
    i am confuze noww…coz i just finish my diploma n cvil eng…my bran
    cannot think either to continue or not….

  • Huang Jiahao 5 years ago

    I decided to take up Landscape architecture course in Poly.?

  • Bob Bennett 5 years ago

    If you are licensed Landscape Architect in Texas and have an issue with the
    Architectural Board, please call on us to provide suggestions and how best
    to respond. The first call is free and we are here to help professionals.
    Please call us at 713-225-6000 in Texas, USA. Put our 40 years of
    experience to work for you at Bennett Licensing where we are professionals
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  • KEVIN 5 years ago

    MY dream job 😀
    Man I would love to be you
    I wish my high school had an architecture class… I took Comp Graphics and
    I’m taking AP Environmental Science if that helps…?