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A day in the life of a gardener. Video Rating: / 5 How To Price Jobs – Lawn Care – Window Cleaning – Pressure Washing Here are 3 basic ways to price a job It’s not a straight forward answer as there is always external factors relevant to each individual. But these points will point you in the right direction of your starting out or a new start up. Subscribe to the channel as I will try to make more live videos on the go. Thanks for all your support guys 👍🏼👍🏼 Related PostsUgreenS – Fernando presents project managementEconomics of Indoor Growing (Live) | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Game for Kids. Small gardener: Sowing seeds – plants bear fruitJust the Job Video – GardenerHow to Become a Tarrant County Master GardenerGardening Tips & Tricks : Becoming a Master Gardener

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  • RJC-Services 8 months ago

    great informative video.

  • Mikes Lawn Care 8 months ago

    Good advice John! Help them price it right the first time, don't want to be mowing for peanuts on a few lawns for the rest of the season.

  • Money Talks 8 months ago

    Great video as always, great tips. I'm trying to start up something like what you have going at the minute. If I was pricing I think I'd price the job and not by hourly rate. Labour is one thing but experience and your equipment is another. Keep the videos coming man. I watch Keith Kalfas aswell, think he has a bit of competition this side of the pond lol

  • Terry Crowley 8 months ago

    Thanks some good information all about the learning

  • Seamus McElroy 8 months ago

    good to hear from you again john good advice and tips look forward to next veidos

  • Uk Lawn Care 8 months ago

    Very difficult subject to talk about John, I've found pricing gets easier with experience. You did a good job of explaining it.

  • Mowtown NI 8 months ago

    If you get every single job you bid your not charging enough, it really is finding a balance, keeping your own costs down is a major factor in making a profit, once again great advice John.

  • Иван Фирсов 8 months ago


  • TheWindowCleaning Dude 8 months ago

    Good Video bro! Yes to price stuff can be very different … I remember when I did a window cleaning job for a company with WFP, I charge the same price as the ones previous to me did… BUT I have a tank in my van and somewhat good equipment for that kind of work… The other guy had a borrow pole and a Di resin tank to connect to the house water system… I guess I did it on half the time from the other guy… BUT I lost the job, not because of a poor job or a high price (It was the same as the other guy) But because I was faster… Life is not fair sometimes … The fact that I have invest much in good equipment doesn't count… I guess they prefer a guy with a shovel instead of a guy with an excavator. If they charge the same price will say….

    Im interested to buy a power washer its for a cleaning job, any advice? How much power is needed?

  • Robert Jimenez 8 months ago

    great video I find it hard talk to some people with your hr rate so I'm thinking stick to bids I'm a plumbing and landscape contractor

  • rejuvinate Garden Handyman Services 8 months ago

    Hey John Ryan great advice buddy very much what we discussed the other day.

    're the other matter a out a partnership I've decided not to join forces with this other guy so in the near future I will be looking to take my business full time and get some videos done.

    against what I wanted to do for now I've taken on some more customers to drive the full time aspect even closer.

    chat to you again bud



  • BenYaMan 8 months ago

    Some great tips there that will help me out a lot! Thanks very much john!

  • Trad - Man 8 months ago

    great tips for folks there