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Here is a collection of some of finest pictures from our Green Roof collection. Please enjoy a brief stroll through the gardens upon roofs. For more information and images, please visit www.renewab… Going Green isn’t just about recycling. It’s about saving energy and water. Rebecca Ward reports on how green roofs may be able to do both. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsLondon becomes a Roof Garden City with green living roofs, sky gardens and sustainable sky parksWildlife Habitat Restoration at John Ball Zoo through Green Roofs and Living WallsGreen Roofs Whilst Rooftop Gardens | Living Green | Episode 114VS2011#6 – "Sky Meadows – Integrating People and Nature: Sustainable Green Roofs and Roof Gardens"Growing a Greener World – Green Roofs Rooftop GardensGreen roofs are engineered, vegetated roof covers consisting of plants and growing media.

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