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@Strangeloopgames #EGS #EcoGlobalSurvival #SurvivalGame Crafting Log Roof | Let’s Play Eco Global Survival Game Alpha 5 Gameplay | Part 5 | Let’s Play Eco Global Survival Alpha Gameplay were checking out the new 5.5 update and learning Masonry. In Eco Global Survival Game you can team-up to build civilization and prevent a disaster, using resources from a fully simulated ecosystem, where your every action affects the lives of countless species. While playing Eco I’ll be performing Eco Global Survival Commentary along with Eco Global Survival Tutorial all within the Eco Global Survival Walkthrough. I will look to incorporate Eco Global Survival Guide where possible to help, todays is on eco global survival Crafting Log Roof. Eco Global Survival Alpha 5 & Eco Global Survival Alpha 4 Eco Gameplay Seasons will allow me to builder & collaborate successfully, creating laws to guide player actions, finding a balance that takes from the ecosystem without damaging it? Or will the world be destroyed in you Eco Global Survival Gameplay by short-sighted choices that pollute the environment in exchange for immediate resource gains? Or, do players act too slowly, and the world is consumed by a disaster that could have been avoided if you developed the right technology? In Eco, you must find a balance as a group if the world is to survive. A world-survival game Eco is a survival game in a global sense, where it is not just the individual or group who is threatened, but the world itself. The world of Eco will be home to a population of thousands of simulated plants and animals of dozens of species, each living out their lives on a server running 24 hours a day, growing, feeding and reproducing, with their existence highly dependent on other species. ——————————————————————————————————————- Streaming Follow me on […]

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  • IWillBeEasyOnYou 3 months ago

    Like ^^ Really good work continue like that ^^

  • Trifler500 3 months ago

    Do you actually need to put the wood roof on top of wood flooring, or can you completely replace the wood flooring with the new roof?

  • Trifler500 3 months ago

    I vote to keep going even though many animals are extinct because there will be another version before too long anyway and you'll have to restart then.

  • Kris10K 3 months ago

    Very cool – Wish you could come do this for us in Greenbelt Maryland!