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Plastic or ecologically friendly houses may soon be the way to go if the environment is to be saved. Some companies are using river sand and plastics to make roof tiles to reduce on environmental degradation. The bonus is that they are good heat insulators, rain harvesters and cheaper Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBeautiful Houses With Green Roofs Look Straight Out Of A FairytaleSmall Planet Tiles, eco friendly roofing, green roofing, eco friendly tilesARDEX WPM 615 TPO Roofing Membrane – Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient Green Roof SystemGreen toys sand play set and Indoor Gardening KitGrass sod roof on ecological low energy eco friendly, sustainable house by www.milessampson.comEcologically Friendly Green Roof Systems and Green Walls by Elmich Australia

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  • leah harrison 11 months ago

    thanks u that is very good

  • suresh pitre 11 months ago

    fumes of plastic due to heat in summer condition mixed with air which is harmful to inhale for all
    in any form ultimately plastic is not environment friendly, we should stop producing plastic.

  • Price 4 Limo 11 months ago

    Brava Roof Tile offers an incredible composite product in the USA

  • asif aghadi 11 months ago

    sir we r interested in u r plastic tiles…

    plz send rate &details…

    what's ap no. +919425510263

    Mohammad Asif (India)

  • bogason101 11 months ago

    Can someone tells me how to get in contact with this company; We have a great pollution problem in Haiti, and I think their concept will be ideal for my country.

  • AGILESH DIAN 11 months ago

    please give your contact details

  • Avau Watson 11 months ago

    Interesting wow!

  • Rahul Enterprises 11 months ago

    Please send me details my mail id Rahulenterprises my cell.9440342847 9642396550.

  • tamer el sawaf 11 months ago

    great job:)

  • nasser azam 11 months ago


  • Camilo Mallcu 11 months ago

    estoy interesado como puedo contactarles?

  • shawon Khan 11 months ago

    Pls send your project profile and price offer to us direct from your email account and send to

  • shawon Khan 11 months ago

    pls advise me how can do this commercial ?
    need price

  • widemanuel 11 months ago

    I want to come visit you; I am living in America. My email is or thanks… great work

  • Gissie D 11 months ago

    nice colours.

  • shamir khan 11 months ago

    Do you use pet plastic bottles can you send me details on the type of machine used.

  • Udaya Kumar Shrestha 11 months ago

    its Great job.sir.☆

  • shamir khan 11 months ago

    Also can less sand be used to reduce the weight of the tile and still maintain the tensile strength and durability of the tile

  • shamir khan 11 months ago

    Dear Sir;                 I am impressed, can you please say what are the dimensions, thickness, weight and how many one liter bottles it takes to make one of the tiles .Pls send reply to Email Phone # 5926110404 and 5926959265. Also what type of machines are used.

  • nguyen hung 11 months ago

    Dear Sir,
    I am really interested on you recycling machine can you please assist me how i can get the machine?
    thanks in advance
    please contact me at