Added by on 2017-03-18 For those who are serious about growing medium to large plants in record breaking time the Eco Flo DWC Black Widow Grow Bucket fits the bill. Easy fill and drain means you do not have to remove the lid between grow cycles, draining and filling your system is a snap. Your plants will experience record fast grow rates due to the Spiders dual inlet AIT Air Injection Technology. All of the plants roots are constantly suspended in a cloud of air during the entire grow cycle, which means clean crisp white roots. This system fits the bill for those who want the best in a deep water culture hydroponics system… ENJOY! A simple overview of the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) for hydroponics – one of the most popular ways of growing plants hydroponically. It’s great for growing commercial basil, lettuce, and other herbs, and is also popular for home hydroponic growers due to the simplicity of setting it up. Learn to grow your own food: → Join our worldwide gardening community: → Gardening Equipment I Use: → Hydroponic nutrients: → Simple pH testing kit: → Fancy pH testing pen: Reviews of my favorite gardening products: → Epic Gardening on Social Media: → Instagram: → Pinterest: → Facebook: → Twitter: Related PostsAir Stone versus AIT Air Injection Technology for Hydroponic SystemsHydroponics Systems | Hydroponic Bubble Flow Bucket System | Ebb and Flow BucketEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHydroponics growing system: How to build a DIY Aeroponics growing system using a 5 Gallon BucketHydroponics Shop Santa Barbara CA – Urban Grow SystemsBubble Flow Buckets. Voted “Best Bucket Grow Hydro System”

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  • ArkAngelHFB 1 year ago

    I have a very hard time seeing much use in buying from you guys when all you really have is a slightly smaller bucket… with an extra port drilled… as well as a nicely configured flexible air defuser…

    That being said… your ideas are sound and well thought out… I'm not trying to cast doubt on those… I'm simply saying that with next to no effort and a trip to the hardware store for some metal washer… any flexible defuser could be configured the same… and a bit to drill that whole could be bought.

  • Linsey Hornberger 1 year ago

    Im using inplix instructions to make it and I do it already 🙂

  • Andree Hollenbeck 1 year ago

    Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think

  • Michael Owen Jr 1 year ago

    For all the negative comments, grow up and stop being a child..I own the products and I can tell you first hand, you get more from the AIT's than you do with air stones alone..Before you go talkin' smack about one's products, you should use them first. Some of you think technology can't advance, which makes you the idiots who just came out from under a rock..Modular Hydro has got something special here..You don't like it or don't believe, then go elsewhere, but stop being negative w/o first even trying..
    Thanks Wayne, your products are great and no matter where I get my Hydroponics, you can rest assure, I'll be using AIT 🙂 Peace

  • Chris Cross 1 year ago

    Its a bucket with air stones or tubing in it, you cant re-invent something thats been around for years, air injection technology my ass.

  • ColorMehJewish 1 year ago

    Theres so much complaining, yet this man simply shows a method for improving ppls gardens. Its free advice, and if someone does not want to build themselves, he offers a system which can be purchased directly. Some choose to support the person who turned them on to the idea. Whichever the reason, He is at least showing initiative and helping. Not parading the web like the world owes him. Not making useless comments due to being useless. Hes productive and helpful.

    If hf the morons focusing on harsh criticism had a qt of a brain themselves, they'd realize they found this video for free. Did not have to buy a book to find out the special method. He gives free advice, so persons without a brain get jealous they didn't think of it b4 perusing online videos instead of getting off their own a $$ es to attempt to do anything better. Lots of talk, but I don't see links to better videos. Or their wonderful versions they claim they could build.

    So give the guy the credit he deserves. At least he's not sitting online trying to attack others to feel better.

  • McDigitalDIY 1 year ago

    These things look like cheap pieces of shit. $13 for tubing, washers and a few inches flexible air stone? RIP OFF.

  • Henrik Öhman 1 year ago

    video told it man, i need one right away 🙂

  • Max Wifebanger 1 year ago


  • CChief144 1 year ago

    Did you purposely use that spot on the video because of that? You even look like your about to say the f word. Funny man lol ha ha.

  • CChief144 1 year ago

    Why are you pointing with your middle finger? It looks like you are flipping the bird to your viewers. I've never seen anyone point like that with their middle finger exactly like your givin us the bird. Strange. Informative vids tho.

  • SHABISKY 1 year ago

    honesty does not equal immaturity…
    but if you don't mind me changing the subject I would like to know what kind of nutrients/addititives do you use/recommend?
    I don't see any of your videos explaining that.

  • ModularHydro 1 year ago

    I think it is time for you to grow up!

  • YerBuddy2 1 year ago

    I want!

  • SHABISKY 1 year ago

    I only clicked to watch this video because you flipped me off…..

  • ModularHydro 1 year ago

    Thanks alabonga! I actually turn my air down at nite when my plants are resting and turn it up in the morning to give them a wake up call. You are right about your comments, once you grow with AIT your not going to want to grow without it.

  • Spicy Meat 1 year ago

    Hey great video and explanation, one thing that I don't have an understanding of at the moment is, do you have to do anything particular to allow for the roots to reach the water? Commercially they would still use rockwool blocks, but at the stage of putting them into the NFT system, I don't imagine the roots already go straight into the water?

  • junco97 1 year ago

    Thank you very much.

  • junco97 1 year ago

    hi im planning to start my own nft project. how many degress must the slope be. thanks. dan

  • Alex Benedict 1 year ago

    this needs to be the template for EVERY 'how to' video on YouTube. seriously. simple but perfect level of detail to understand a NFT system. thanks, man. great work! subscribed and will watch all your other uploads

  • Frank Cassianna 1 year ago

    great video, beginner here, always learning something new, building an Ebb and Flow, have only experienced DWC, and this will be new gardening technique, changes it up a little….

  • Sarun Hounnaklang 1 year ago

    for honestly, could you please tell me what air stone and air pump for? i really don't know about it thank you 🙂

  • Vincent Manfield 1 year ago

    I have a deep water pot, called the Gemini, has clay pebbles an 10ltr water is what the max am doing, I fill up a bucket, do my ph, mix all my feeds, so it's on 700 to 800 on my stick an 1.8 but after about 2, 3 days my ph shoots up an my ppm goes to 1400 now I changed all the water an done all new feed again to the right ppm, an it's done it again can you please tell me what's happing or where am going wrong, thanks

  • Plombier Paris 15 1 year ago

    Super la video Merci! C'est juste ce que je voulais voir.

  • trubet64 1 year ago

    just water or do you need nutrients? If nutrients are needed which ones are the basic nutrients for a beginner? I struggle with this and get overwhelmed when looking on line for a nutrient to use.

  • Ahmad ElGazzaz 1 year ago

    Do I really need an air pump? I thought the air in the channels provides the roots with required oxygen.

  • Richard Taylor 1 year ago

    I have an experimental NFT system I am trying. Basically as you described.

    I used 2 10 ft sections combined to provide a 20 ft overall length of 5 in rain gutter for the trough, covered with 1/2 in foam insulation panel cut to 6 in wide. In the foam, I cut the holes for the net pots on 6 in centers. The covering allows for evaporation and plant stability control in the otherwise open top guttering.

    (NOTE: I just started a setup using a 10 ft X 4 in square vinyl fence post to determine if a totally enclosed 'tube' has any significant advantages to offset the higher investment cost over guttering.)

    Using a 7 gallon storage tote for a reservoir, I added a cheap air pump with 6 in stone from Walmart, and a small 120 gallon per hour pump I had on hand. The pump has a valve assembly on the outlet that allows me to 'throttle' the flow to the trough, and adds agitation/oxygenation on the return into the reservoir.

    I am running the Flora series nutrients in the system on a continuous pump cycle. By adding a 'riser' to the discharge end, I can control the level of liquid maintained in the trough which allows me to raise the level for new planting (keeps smaller roots in solution), and then drop it as roots grow. The variable height will be used to a greater degree as I add more vertical and/or horizontal troughs, and can control depth as plants are planted/removed in each section.

    Currently, I have some pepper, tomato, basil, leaf lettuce and sweet pea plants growing. I just pulled a net pot with lettuce today, and have excellent root growth (approximately 18 inches in length) with about 1/2 in depth of nutrient flow. Other varieties of plants are showing similar root growth patterns.

    I tried the timed cycles, and had distinct problems with root damage due to the heat in the greenhouse. By using continual flow, the internal temps are better controlled in my situation. I would suggest determining the flow patterns based upon individual growing conditions.

    Look forward to your progress with this.

  • Robert Beasley 1 year ago

    very nice. will you ever show you building one?