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John of visits Echo in North Ft Myers Florida – their tropical edible gardens and shows how to grow in raised beds on concre… Video Rating: 5 / 5 John from takes you on a tour of his front yard urban garden where he will share with you some of the edible food crops he … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsBUILDING RAISED BEDS + TRANSPLANTING SEEDLINGS | Organic Vegetable Gardening | Becca Bristow2020 Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening for Beginners- Building Pine Raised Beds & Planting Onion PlantsWhy Raised Beds Are Best for Gardening (10 Benefits)Living walls growing in prominence in urban areasFull Raised Bed Garden Tour | Vegetable Gardening In Raised Beds UpdateAutopilot Gardening – Raised Beds

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  • zekehooper 5 years ago

    using a bucket is a good idea. Imagine using a 55 gal drum with the same
    drip system?

  • zekehooper 5 years ago

    Rent a tuck or minivan next time so you can get more plants.

  • Gay Johnson 5 years ago

    OMG how do you know so much about fruits and plants? I love your videos.

  • carrottop8311987 5 years ago

    you can eat the palmetto plants

  • potboy321 5 years ago

    Katuk? How do you spell that and where can you find that tree/plant?

  • boyonstilts3121 5 years ago

    wow, all those creative ways of growing in urban environments are amazing.

  • logan firestone 5 years ago

    Isn’t that Budda’s Hand AKA Citron? That’s edible:)

  • zekehooper 5 years ago

    That’s funny, I just saw where there was a 55 gal. drip system. I like the
    idea of useing the kiddy pools for a raised bed.

  • Linda Bloom 5 years ago

    John: What happened to this lovely garden set up when you moved to Vegas??

  • M1STYWORLD 5 years ago

    Eat the rainbow I like that saying :O) Thanks for sharing

  • mombol39 5 years ago

    Love this video John…I appreciate all the info you share!

  • Jefferdaughter 5 years ago

    Vines & taller plants placed to the north of other planting areas will cast
    very little shade on plants to the south of them.

  • riskmandel1 5 years ago

    hi John, how do you fertilize and add rock dust to your tree collards? I
    planted mine with plenty of compost and rock dust, but what do you
    recommend to keep them healthy and nourished as time goes by and they grow?
    Also, how big do you think the “trees” should be before I start harvesting
    leaves? Do you think you could do a video on how you propagate the tree

  • bradkrit 5 years ago

    @JuicingMyLifeBack He talked about that a few episodes ago..

  • Karla Boyles 5 years ago

    Where do you get your seeds from?

  • ASFx2600 5 years ago

    Nice cilantro. Here in vegas I direct seeded my cilantro in the garden
    around september 15th, and it made a big mass of cilantro which survived
    the winter (some nights in the 20s), and it’s still going strong today. I
    expect it to last about 2 more months until it hits the 80s in may. I’m
    thinking about trying to dig up a clump and bring it in the house to see
    how long I can keep it going. Unlimited cilantro 8 months out of the year
    isn’t bad!

  • David W. Reed 5 years ago

    Oh John I love it when you do long FREE videos!!!!

  • apensiil 5 years ago

    almost all cabbages, incl broccoli and cauliflower actually need mounding
    some time after planting. you almost can’t plant them deep enough at first
    and this should be done later. like a potatoes.

  • Simply Natural Homestead 5 years ago

    John, I’ve noticed before that you have beds in your front yard where you
    grow runner beans up woven wire fence panels, set up in so there is a back
    “wall” of trellis, with shorter “walls” of trellis coming out at a
    perpendicular angle. I was thinking that must create a lot of shade. Do the
    vines shade each other out? I’m trying to plan my garden space for this
    year, and I’m having trouble finding enough space for vining plants,
    without shading out the other crops.

  • mysciencenow 5 years ago

    alot of my tomato plants have sprouted

  • GdnPro12 5 years ago

    Great tour, thx!

  • RVqueen 5 years ago

    John keeps getting younger!

  • Vladivostok 5 years ago

    Awesome episode

  • crosspecans 5 years ago

    where do i get tree collards

  • therawlifefamily 5 years ago

    John, you can probably do espaliering of your tree collards against your
    fence, or just as good, you can do espalier plantings of fruit trees
    against your fences. Also, seeing your stuff growing makes me so sad, I had
    a frost down to 14F a few weeks ago and down to about 24 last week.

  • BikeManDan1 5 years ago

    Lookin good Spring has definitely sprung for us down here in Oakland.
    Aphids are out having a field day; they died during the cold spell but are
    back and I don’t think there are many predators yet. I’m going to try
    growing tree tomato this year from seed. Hopefully it will work out!

  • zardozica 5 years ago

    John, what percent of the food you grow do you juice versus eat as
    harvested? Also, what is a good juicer for juicing greens?

  • therawlifefamily 5 years ago

    John, have you considered growing some more deep root plants to bring up
    some of the nutrients from the bottom of your deep raised beds?

  • Eduardo Machado 5 years ago

    Great Stuff… watching from Puerto Rico 🙂

  • shaqair24 5 years ago

    @crosspecans at bountifulgardens . org

  • Tommyr 5 years ago

    Man I HATE slugs! They give me the willies! Get those out of that
    greenhouse! Thanks for doing the vids John! Really enjoy them.

  • flyingemu27 5 years ago

    Awesome, John! Man, I can’t wait until I can start growing my garden. 😀

  • jlhappytoes 5 years ago

    another excelent video john. where i get my 10 or 15 gallon pots is at the
    recycling area for 50cents each. is that cheap or free. i am going crazy in
    my yard. trying to get it ready before the farmers market season stars, and
    i get my ideas mostly from you or other youtube videos. i sometimes tell
    people, i got a degree from youtube university. lol. can’t wait to see your
    next video. when u r ready 2 sell ur kale tree, put me on ur list..thanks a
    lot john