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KIT LIST Fastfit Tray 2′ x 4′ – Duralastics Ebb and Flow Tray 2′ x 4′ – Hydroflow Ebb and Flow Fittings Kit – Eco100 Submersible Pump – Botanicare 40 gallon Reservoir + Lid – Grodan rockwool grow cubes – Mother Earth coco coir – Mother Earth chunky perlite – Gro Pro plastic pots – Gro Pro fabric pots – General Hydroponics Flora Series 3-Part Nutrient System – Ebb and flow (also known as ‘flood and drain’) is a simple hydroponic growing method that’s cheap and easy to set-up and relatively hassle-free to maintain. Growers enjoy bigger yields over hand-watering and are freed up from the chore of daily manual irrigation. We explain everything you need to know about ebb and flow in under six minutes – check this out! Video Rating: / 5 Family Farm Aquaponics Inc. 9399401617 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesCheap Ebb abd Flow homemade hydroponics systemCan plants grow without soil? What is Hydroponics? ExplainedDIY Mini Aquaponics System (Home Aquarium Tank) & Hydroponics System (Ebb and Flow 4 Mini Tanks)Home Made Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain system. DIY HydroponicsHow to set up an Ebb and Flow / Flood and Drain Hydroponics Growing System – PART 1 of 6

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  • Ted Dekens 2 years ago

    I have grown in hydroton before and am going to do it again. This time however I got a tip from someone saying to just fill the whole tray with hydroton and plant your clones directly into it. It will develop a much better root system than even with baskets. Plus its reusable and we try to stay as green as possible. I love Hydroton.?

  • x2eXu50x 2 years ago

    Is a tray full of rockwool cubes a bad idea? Will the rock wool cubes drain effectively enough or will they hold in too much water? Also, ive seen people using just plain 4×4 rockwool cubes sitting in the tray…in this case where do the roots go?? The plants finished with great results, did i miss something??

  • tanman1991 2 years ago

    awesome video! Just what I was looking for. Thank you!?

  • Clinton W 2 years ago

    I like to have circulation in my flood bed. One big advantage of Ebb and Flow systems, which wasn't touched on in this vid is salt removal. With some kind of circulation not only do your plant get extra oxygenated water, but more effective salt removal. So I've come accustomed to nice, deep floods. I think a mechanical timer is fine if your using a circulation jet, or forced bubble jet imho. Examples in my vids. Very easy mod.?

  • Johnson and Friends 2 years ago

    you should check out VaderOG. when emptying out his res. he uses a water pump that can connect to a water hose and a water socket. would make your change outs a snap?

  • siam miah 2 years ago

    Hey I love your video, particularly the tips about aeroponics systems
    . Another resource I also found helpfull for hydroponic herb garden
    was Panlarko Expert Aquaponics Planner – it will be on google if you need it?

  • Ha Dang 2 years ago

    Nice and quick run through.?

  • az naru 2 years ago

    I see that bonticare trays are more money than duralastics….what's the difference? Is bonticare trays better??

  • madcuzbad. brah 2 years ago

    hi, do you know any european online shops that deliver these trays? all i can find is USA shippers and the cost of shipping cost is insane

  • mark livingston 2 years ago

    too fast too annoying?

  • pengo242 2 years ago

    these are great videos! i notice you use rockwol here- is that a recommendation and/or just a personal preference? thanks!?

  • Harp Cat 2 years ago

    How good would grow bags work in an tray flow & ebb system work ??

  • MahonyKQ750AXI 2 years ago

    I really enjoy listening to you. You have got a lot of knowledge and you're so funny! All the best from Germany!?

  • Neko Mimi 2 years ago

    You explain everything you need, but you don't link to anything. You go by so quickly, I'd like more info on the products you use rather than having to google them. You should link in the comments.?

  • lizardspiral 2 years ago

    Excellent information greatly presented. I liked your monitoring system , looks expensive. ?

  • Wis.Gardener 2 years ago

    Excellent video, right to the point. Wanted to try this system growing some watercress.
    Using bato buckets now for tomatoes, cukes, zucchini and peppers.?

  • Carl O'neal 2 years ago

    Hey there man. Love your videos! Quick question, for a 75 gallon rez how many gallons per hour should I be using for my submersible pump so im not filling my flood table up up too fast (my flood table is 3 x 8)

  • Karl Fimm 2 years ago

    1. Good video. 2. Does ebb & flow work outside hydroponics? For instance would growing seedlings in potting mix benefit from an ebb & flow schedule??

  • Axel Cruz 2 years ago


  • Axel Cruz 2 years ago

    Gracias Ivan?

  • Ivan Belen 2 years ago

    se ve bn. ese sump esta pro?

  • Purwadi X 2 years ago

    i think that's difficult harvesting?

  • Robert Madden 2 years ago

    Very nice my friend. ?

  • Faisal Mutter 2 years ago

    goo job?