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Easy vertical planter boxes design ideas Video Rating: / 5 Vertical gardening is one of the most space-efficient ways to grow. I show you how to build your own vertical garden planter from a recycled plastic barrel to hold over 50 plants. For more information, go directly to this page: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy hydroponic vertical garden design ideas100 DIY Creative Vertical Garden Wall Planter Boxes Ideas | Garden IdeasHome Farm Ideas – Planter Boxes Out of Pallets Design Ideas – Home FarmEasy vertical succulent garden design ideas4 Simple and Easy Hanging Planter Ideas | Hanging Decoration Ideas | Indoor Hanging Plants DecorGreen Stalk Vertical Gardening Planter ~ Easy Instant Garden for ANYONE

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  • Higgs Boson 4 years ago

    Cool! I'm gonna try one and see how it goes. Can you use a hole saw instead of a heat gun??

  • volfan1nga 4 years ago

    Soak the pipe in ice water before placing into the next cutout.?

  • friederieke zitz 4 years ago

    its a pleasure to hear someone talking about something he thought through. or simply knows how to do!?

  • aquabarrel 4 years ago

    I found it easier and faster to just use a skill saw to cut the holes and I was not so anal about where my slots/pockets went. Using 2×4's saves a step and materials and it does not melt to the barrel.?

  • a1930ford 4 years ago

    In the template you used for this barrel, was it set up for 5" for the pockets you made? This would mean a total of 1" for the two 1/2" drill holes and 4" for the slit pocket to be cut away with a jig saw. I am guessing on this, but just wondered about the length size of your cardboard template.

    Nice video. It is giving me ideas for my own garden tower barrel and mods I want to make on it.?