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Think growing vegetables is hard work? Pam & Paul built an easy vegetable garden with raised beds on their farm in upstate South Carolina. Pam shows you how we built and planted our vegetables plus gives you some tips on growing organic vegetables without a lot of time and fuss. Pam Stone, Sharon Decker and Ramona Holloway host the radio program “The Satisfied Life” out of Charlottle, NC. Paul Zimmerman is Pam’s other half and owns Ashdown Roses.

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  • Jaclyn Brown 5 years ago

    a great natural to combat bugs like afids is ti release lady bugs into your garden, they eat the afids but not the plants?

  • Helen uk 5 years ago

    love the shhower?

  • Helen uk 5 years ago

    love the gardan thank you?

  • StarksBrothersHomes 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing these great tips with homeowners.

  • Erica Southworth 5 years ago

    Is your radio shows website supposed to be in chinese??

  • Fraser Dunn 5 years ago

    Thank You! Maybe I'll manage a tomato farm next year!

    I have the Salt Spring Island Seeds' "Wild Cherry" growing but the soil is seemingly too hard. I have put Burpee's "Cherry Jubilee" into an upside-down planter.

  • C Anderson 5 years ago

    Great info! That's alota tomatoes!

  • C Anderson 5 years ago

    Good to know! Thanks. Had heard they changed the formulation a bit in recent years, mayybe for human safety, but never looked into it.

  • Fraser Dunn 5 years ago

    And finally I would like to mention why I bought those four wild tomato cultivars "Cuatomate", "Wild Cherry"(not like Matt's from Salt Spring Seeds), "Matt's Wild Cherry" and "Coyote".

    A person can plant them without poles, can repopulate as "volunteers", possibly no maintance and I suppose they can grow in the total shade if part of the plant get moderate sun. A person said, "Even in the Dominican Republic Matt's Wild Cherry grows without watering".

    Bare ground planting from seed!

  • Fraser Dunn 5 years ago

    Ispolin was sold out. But I think I bought Ispolin under a different name. Ispolin grows like small trees!

    I'm excited with the tomato seeds I bought this year! The ones I already mentioned from Burpee! But also the four cultivar wild tomatoes. "Cuatomate", "Wild Cherry"(From Salt Spring Seeds)(This is different from "Matt's Wild Cherry" which I purchased else where) and "Coyote".

    "Coyote" seeds haven't sprouted yet I guess. Sometimes tomato seeds take
    16 days to germinate.

  • Fraser Dunn 5 years ago

    I remember a Better Boy plant produced 342 pounds of tomatoes. The cultivar was a trend in the 1960's. Just as Better Boy "replaced" Best Boy there seemingly is now "Big Beef" and "Steak Sandwich" and perhaps others as new trend setters.

    I have a couple of "Steak Sandwich" currently growing the tallest. I also bought and in growing order of height of the remaining seedlings from Burpee are: "Power Pops", "Fourth Of July", "Sweet Tangerine","Sungold", "Cherries Jubilee".

  • Tina Ramsey 5 years ago

    Wow! That is awesome! Love the outside shower!

  • The National Razor 5 years ago

    Heh heh she likes to run around her yard nekid

  • Paul Zimmerman Roses 5 years ago

    Sorry, that's Climbing Pearl Drift. I forgot about that segment.

  • cirovig1 5 years ago


  • Paul Zimmerman Roses 5 years ago

    There are no roses in this video.

  • Kim Lim 5 years ago

    what kind of roses is that? what is the name?

  • TallStarlite 5 years ago

    Thx, good tips

  • iminidaho2004 5 years ago

    Depends on the plant, check Google on the plants you want to plant. Some plants grow in late sun, but never truly thrive. Some won't flower or produce fruit, some will. Try growing a little of everything you want, its your garden. Micro climates make a differance too. Shelter, shade, temp, wind, water, etc..

  • Paul Zimmerman Roses 5 years ago

    If it gets sun all day after 10:30 that should be fine.