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Tower gardens are a great way to make every inch of your land count. if you have a small living space, you can grow herbs, flowers, and other plants in a tower garden. Use a bucket or terracotta pot to make the tower garden’s base, then heighten the tower with wire-mesh. Plant a variety of seeds or seedlings to diversify your garden, and take routine care of it for thriving, healthy plants. Follow these steps to create a beautiful petunia-tower Step 1: Create a cylinder with the wire fencing that you will place inside your pot.  Allow an overlap of one fencing section to allow for a more stable seam. Cut the fencing using aviation snips. Step 2:  Overlap one section of the wire-fencing and use the zip-ties to tie the sides of the cylinder together. Trim the zip-ties to about 1/4”. Step 3:  Wrap the landscape fabric around the outside of the tower to measure how much you’ll need. Overlap an inch or two to ensure that soil doesn’t fall out through the seam. Cut the fabric to size using scissors or a utility knife. Slide the fabric inside the wire fencing.  Cut the excess fabric from the top of the tower leaving about 2 inches extending from the top of the tower to help secure the fabric to the tower. Step 4:  Cut one slit in every third rectangle of the fencing.  Insert the zip ties through the slits and tie down the top of the fabric.  Cut the ends of the zip-ties to about 1/4”. Step 5:  Place fencing in your flower pot.  Fill the tower about 1/3 full with soil.  Add water to settle the soil.  Add another 1/3 of soil.  Add more water.  Fill to about 1 inch from the top of the tower with soil and add water.  Lightly press […]

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  • Subhom Ghosh 8 months ago

    Does it possible to make flowering tower look like a Christmas tree ?!!

  • meirgi91 8 months ago

    can i do this with moss rose to get same effect?

  • Cheeky Monkees 8 months ago

    If you sterilize the wire fencing in a solution of 10% bleach and water, I don’t know why it couldn’t be reused.

    Great idea! I’m on board for next spring.

  • The picture also show impatience…pot must be large enough for stability. If using petunias, you must remove spent blossoms. You also need to cut back leggy plants for continuous blooms. It's also a good idea to have several internal dowls for stability.

  • Cristina-Valy Radulescu 8 months ago


  • Pinky Swami 8 months ago

    Really very nice looking…
    But is this successful for long time ? I mean is plant properly grow in this ????

  • Is this prison gardening with barbed wire?

  • Marlene Putzeis 8 months ago


  • One Garden 8 months ago

    Good video

  • k asdfg 8 months ago

    Why are you even showing razor wire??

  • resourcefulgirl 8 months ago

    Very pretty. I thought it was funny you had a picture of Constantine wire in the video. Added home security? Lol

  • Treesa Jose 8 months ago

    Wonderful idea, thanks a lot

  • Wilma Gregory 8 months ago

    Great idea and beautiful too. Thanks a lot. Blessings

  • What an excellent and inexpensive idea! Thank you!

  • Vandana Bhanushali 8 months ago

    Do these flowers need full sunlight to grow
    Wat id there is not enouuggh sunlight