Easy to Grow Spinach Hydroponically Using the Kratky Method

Follow along as I grow Spinach Hydroponically using the Kratky Method. Spinach is so nutritious and delicious to add to salads, soups, and smoothies. The Kratky method is easy since you don’t need an air pump, and if you have a sunny window you are good to go. If not, use a light that is on the blue spectrum, 5000 to 6500 Kelvin works best. Have fun, and thank you for watching!
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Grow Big Hydroponic Formula: https://amzn.to/2I9CgWk
6000K Screw in Light Bulbs: https://amzn.to/2QE20xQ
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Wide Mouth Mason Jars: https://amzn.to/2W50ciF
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Hydroponic Clay Pebbles: https://amzn.to/2HPsjOJ
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Easy to Grow Spinach Hydroponically Using the Kratky Method

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  • Matt Garver

    Thanks Tikki for your video. Spinach is a plant that many say is not well suited for hydroponics, but yours seemed to do well. Seems that 50+ days is needed to make a nice dense plant, but unlike a head of lettuce it takes more spinach plants to make a meal. Very informational, I liked your details.

  • Randy Powell

    Thanks for your Videos, I am in the process of purchasing what I need to star our winter kale and spinach garden as by your vids. Keep up the great  work

  • Omilade Davis Smith

    Really enjoyed your video. TFS! Oh and the clay pebbles also keep algae from growing on the rockwool cubes. I also use a square of a new black sock.

  • Matt Hamilton

    Have you found it better to harvest as you go and let it keep regrowing more leaves, or wait until full maturity to harvest the whole plant? If you harvest, say, half of it, would it keep growing? Or maturity is maturity and the spinach is done at that point?

    Sorry for so many questions… I recently started and am committing a lot more herbicide than I would like, haha. Note to self… basil is HUNGRY — have to keep adding nutrients, like weekly!

  • Baunty Rahman

    Just to let u know that rockwool is not biodegradable and not environmentally friendly. Is there any other alternatives other than rockwool which can b used to grow over and over again and will not harm the environment. Thanks in advance

  • Nikita Vadsaria

    Can you please help me as my swizchard, kale, parsley and spinach is not growing they are a bit dangling. I also don't get germination in kale and parsley. I grow them indoor. Temp for both germination and growth is 25°C and for germination normal RO water without nutrients is used onec germinate nutrient strength is 200-400ppm and when grown is 700-800ppm the light that I have used is T5 and pH is kept 5.5-6.humidiya is kept 50% and for germination it's 85 -90%

  • Rachel Barbour

    this has me thinking that this way of growing might be a good idea here in Australia if i was only solely on tank water. thankyou, from a new subscriber

  • Frann R

    I just bought seeds to do this very thing. I was thinking of adding an air pump and growing them in a 22 gallon tote, but Just to develop my confidence I'm going to follow your instructions and try Kratky first. Thanks for sharing.

  • Marilyn Ryan

    So excited to see this ….your such a good teacher… explanations are spot on ..thx.I look forward to more videos, PLEASE! Curious, do you have a garden outside ? Look forward to seeing more.

  • Patrick Balsamo

    I have come to really look forward to your videos coming out. You have so much good information and I love that you always do an experiment when growing something. I'm the same way.

  • Merra Lee Moffitt

    I have had less than a 10% germination rate on my spinach seeds in y AG. Temp of the water is about 80F. Planted the seeds outdoors Apr 4 and they did well here in PA. But now too warm outside too. Now trying again to germinate in my basement where it is about 65 degrees. Wish me luck. I am also trying NewZealand spinach in the AG since it is supposed to be heat tolerant. Curious what the temp is in your grow area and if you have found any kinds that are better than others. I would like to grow year round if I could.

  • fifty something

    I enjoy your videos, they are short and to the point. I am curious about which grow lights you prefer. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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