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This video shows how to grow lettuce in glass mason jars hydroponically, meaning in water instead of in soil. I use the Kratky method, which does not need an air pump. A simple glass jar is good enough to grow the lettuce as you will see. The seeds sprout very quickly, and in just 5 weeks I have a beautiful harvest! After another 2 weeks the leaves to grow back and I am able to harvest a second time! Very delicious both times! You can find the items I use in this video on Amazon here: Grow Lights: Rockwool Cubes: Clay Pebbles: Mason Jars (make sure they are wide mouth): Net Cups 2 inch: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes Indoors Using the Kratky MethodHydroponic Lettuce – Pablo – Kratky Method – Nutrient ConcentrationsOrganic Hydroponic Lettuce Cheap and Easy Kratky Hydroponics Anyone Can DoGrow Infinite Basil Plants for using Hydroponics or the Kratky MethodHow To Grow Orange Tree In Hydroponic Kratky System: Part 2Easy DIY Beginner Hydroponic Kratky System

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  • pooja nadagouda 8 months ago

    Can I keep in the inside kitchen window instead of using lights? Plenty of sunlight penetrates inside.

  • Amoako George 8 months ago

    Hi Tikki, Thanks for the video.
    Can you provide us with the link to where you got your seeds.

  • denish 8 months ago

    I enjoyed the video, thanks. Can you answer one question please ? did you add solution after the first harvest presuming the level goes down as roots grow

  • Eddie Sanchez 8 months ago

    Hi Tikki, excellent video… Thank you for sharing. Question, how many hours a day do you have the Grow light on your lettuce. ?

  • Shawanda Williams 8 months ago

    Wonderful video I will definitely try this what did you have mixed in your water?

  • Nathan Rogers 8 months ago

    Alternatively, you could use the wide mouth pint jars instead of the standard mouth pints. The wide mouth pints have the same mouth size as the quarts.

  • Forage Forage 8 months ago

    Tikki O… that is a very good way to start your seeds.. simply put them in the cubes..keep them All moist in a shallow container till you have them germinated, and you just start to see seed coming out the cube..and you've chosen the one you're likely to have success with , then move the cube to their "hydroponic jar". ..This is much more efficient.

  • Forage Forage 8 months ago

    Yes.. leafy greens like lettuce.. love blue light!.. most spinach and kale will also very well with 6500K

  • Forage Forage 8 months ago

    Excellent job! Kratky Method is the bomb!

  • aadsideas 8 months ago

    Hi. I got mixed up with Day 14 in timeline at 3:43 and Day 12 timeline at 16:13.
    I presumed the Day 14 is the 10th day if I got it right.

    Also, are the big ones 12 ounce mason jars?

    Very informative video. I am just starting germinating seeds the way you showed it here. Thank you. Shalom

  • Alexander Her 8 months ago

    Very Danish:D nice work

  • Abel Melquiades Callejo (IRRI) 8 months ago

    Great video madam

  • Lee Ann CrochetGottaLoveIt 8 months ago

    I also have a patio tomato in a 6" net pot and a 5 gallon bucket. I checked yesterday and yes! The roots have grown the last 3 days. Excited to see this tomato growing!

  • Alpha Bears 8 months ago

    Why are some of the leafs at the beginning have some white spots? Or is it light reflection?

  • pablito bernardino 8 months ago

    nice one…enjoyed it thanks for sharing!! (the kitchen chair at the background is so beautiful!! 🙂

  • Scott 8 months ago

    This is one of the best intro to hydroponic videos I've found, thanks for being so clear, concise and informative!

  • Saeed hassan-nia 8 months ago

    good job. my team and I are working on using wastewater in hydroponic system, actually greywater.

  • dannpurvis 8 months ago

    Well done.

  • Alison D. Gilbert 8 months ago

    I have to try another Kratky method. The 'clay pellets in a basket' was a disaster for me. My babies got brown and died.