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How to control insects and rabbits from your vegetable garden and snails, slugs, caterpillars, grasshoppers, mice, rats, and birds. The fabric tulle may be worth a try, since it will cost you less than . Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Organic Pest Control for Your Vegetable GardenNatural Pest Control for Healthy Plants in your Vegetable GardenOrganic Pest Control – End Problems with Bugs Forever in Your GardenPraying Mantis – Best Natural Pest Control & benefits for your Garden Part 1Planet Orange Bay Area Pest Control – People and Pest Friendly SolutionsHow Pest Control in Weston can Prepare Your Home for Summer | Accurate Pest Control Inc

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  • Kim Fujino 3 weeks ago

    Hi Robbie and Gary, I just wanted to thank you about your tip about tulle, I have been fighting with a ground hog or some animal eating all my cukes, and zucchini for 3 years, I even stopped growing it, but I finally got to eat a zucchini this year because of your tip, Thank u, thank u!

  • Ancestral Child 3 weeks ago


  • Jessica Patton 3 weeks ago

    So cool love it! Gunna try

  • Catherine D 3 weeks ago

    wonder if tulle will work in vole holes….. eating my plants from roots up

  • Lucky Gracie 3 weeks ago

    Hello Robbie, I truly enjoy your vlogs. My mother loves to garden, but she has been ill and I take care of her. I also,take care of her garden and I hope I don’t kill her plants. Thank you, for the gardening tips.

  • Amy Rogers 3 weeks ago

    I'm so excited to try this! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Kathy David 3 weeks ago

    Robbie, I actually have green tulle and was planning on putting over my tomato plant. Will this be ok to drape over entire plant which is in a 5 gal bucket.

  • City Homestead 3 weeks ago

    I'm going to use something like this as a row cover for new seedlings. I never thought to put it around plants that are getting attacked though. That's a really good idea! What we have a problem with in Tennessee is flea beetles, and squash borers. It looks like the fleas might be able to get through. As for moles and gophers and whatever else digs up underneath plants, what if you use some of it as a planter in the ground so that they couldn't dig a new hole around it? Just dig a hole and line the with the material then fill with soil and plant. but I don't know how cost-effective that would be though.

  • ActivistGranny 3 weeks ago

    You should think about becoming an Amazon affiliate so you can add links and make a little money while helping us. I appreciate all you do and have no problem with channels making the most of their time and efforts. One subscriber said Amazon had a 20 yard bolt for $11, that would be a great link.

  • ActivistGranny 3 weeks ago

    I use bug netting for bugs and moths but this is great for smaller areas so I don't have to cut up the netting since it is expensive.

  • EdibleAcres 3 weeks ago

    I'd be interested to see how chipmunks and red squirrels respond to this material. That has been my absolutely largest concern this growing season. This seems like a really interesting solution… Thanks for sharing this.

  • silverhermes 3 weeks ago

    My wife used it for curtains and we have some leftovers, I'm going to try it against slugs which eat everything l plant.

  • Patti Hayden 3 weeks ago

    Thanks I’m getting some of this to keep the dogs off my plants

  • Candide Thirtythree 3 weeks ago

    I got a bunch of orange tulle after Halloween one year and used it to cover tomatoes that were being eaten by tomato horn worm

  • bjquilts29 3 weeks ago

    I just checked Amazon. A 20 yard bolt is $11.85!

  • bjquilts29 3 weeks ago

    Get it on sale at Joann's. Or use a coupon. I think even Walmart sells it. It comes in several colors. Great idea. I'm going to check to see it I have some in my basement.