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We’re checking in on the Kratky hydroponic lettuce. This is the setup that doesn’t use any type of aeration or water pump. Therefore, no electricity is needed. Things are looking great, with almost basketball sized heads of lettuce. I’ve said this before, it’s a case of “Set it, and forget it”. It is so simple that anybody can do it. And you don’t need a 4×8 plywood box either. This can be done in much smaller totes with lids to support the plants. I continue to be very impressed with the quality of the vegetables and plan to use this setup a lot more in the future. If you missed the original video where I discussed exactly how Dr. Kratky’s system worked, here is the link: Also, just a reminder for Friday nights show on, show time is here : at 9 pm est. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Hydroponics Anybody Can Do This At Home – Kratky MethodEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food→ hydroponics growing system homemade-Aquaponics Made Easy With This Aquaponics Systems !hydroponics growing system homemade-Aquaponics Made Easy With This Aquaponics Systems !BEST HYDROPONIC SYSTEM – The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing over 100 plants in 10 sq feetAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made Easy

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  • TheSamttatze 1 year ago

    super interestin! question: how often would you have to change the water? it s surely gonna go bad at some point, wont it?!

  • MOTHER EARTH (Mrs. Mother) 1 year ago


  • Rafai Saq 1 year ago

    Thanks usefull everybody sir

  • Henry Croll 1 year ago

    Thanks so much! I am surprised this method does not get more press.

  • Rasha Azeez 1 year ago

    what should the mineral water contain?

  • Rodrigo Nader 1 year ago

    Whats the nutrient sholution? PLAESE ANSWER TANKS!!

  • Marsx4 1 year ago

    You have so much helpful information. I've grown hydro lettuce using a raft system in the past. Would you mind letting me know what variety/type of lettuce was grown as shown in this video. Thank you!

  • Greg Cxox 1 year ago

    so the building inspector took a bribe / gift

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    were can I get nutrient solution to buy were I live have none will I get it online

  • George Adams 1 year ago

    Love this system… just one question for outdoor set up… when it rains the tub will flood… choice of tops that won't collect water may be a concern.

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    cab u used an all purpose solution if I do not get a hydroponics, nutrients will it work

  • Michael Cather 1 year ago

    What is the nutrient solution that you use?

  • Rick Marshall 1 year ago

    If you can use the Kratky method with a small Rubbermaid container is it possible to use the same method with Dutch buckets to grow tomatoes? YouTube has lots of videos on Dutch buckets with recirculating water systems and lots of others on the Kratky method, but I haven't seen any on using the Kratky method to grow tomatoes. I know tomato plants probably get too big for the floating raft, but what about the Kratky method with a Dutch bucket system?

  • michaelinde1 1 year ago

    Thanks mhpgargener!
    Jus showed this video to the wife and said we are gonna do this.
    Have given up on soil. Just too many problems.After this latest rain looks like will have to replant again(4th time)
    You have given us hope we can do this

  • lineflyer1 1 year ago

    This works. I tried it on my channel. Grew huge hydro lettuce using the Kratky method. Thanks MHP gardener. Keep up the good work

  • Randald Bartlett 1 year ago

    what variety of lettuce are you growing in your Kratky method

  • Charles Merfeld 1 year ago

    You could use gray water for nutrients or compost liquid for nutrients. Yes/No

  • Daniel Lennon 1 year ago

    "Walmart can't touch what I got!"

  • Afia ayman 1 year ago

    wow!! this is Really nice and helpful video, Thanks

  • Otella Hobson 1 year ago