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Easy Hydroponics system for a beginner. I started using the Kratky hydroponic system, because it uses no electricity. There is no water pump for aeration in this system. Just set it up and walk away, check the solution every three days or so and refill. I am using this Kratky hydroponics system to grow lettuce and basil right now. This homemade hydroponic system can be used to grow almost anything you want indoors. Check out my visionary art: Welcome To The Visionary Art of Pete Taboada Related PostsEasy Hydroponics – Anybody Can Do ThisEasy $5 Homemade Hydroponics System DIY in 5 Minutes Kratky MethodEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodOff the grid hydroponics: the Kratky methodOff-Grid Hydroponics – The Kratky Method, Raft Hydroponics Update 3weeksHydroponics Homemade Growing System | Kratky Method | Chocolate Bhutlah | Nutrient Test | #4

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