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Joe Lamp’l shares his top 10 edibles to grow during cool seasons along with tips to plant and harvest. Related PostsMittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenWhat to Plant in your Fall Vegetable Garden & Planting Seeds from the Garden!Raised Bed Garden | Fall Vegetable GardeningWhy Every Vegetable Garden Needs DucksWhy Grow a Fall Organic Vegetable Garden?Starting a Fall Vegetable Garden

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  • Carl Moore 7 months ago

    Really great video thank you

  • Jamella Khan Worrell 7 months ago

    I am looking at you from Trinidad and Tobago. I just found your channel. I absolutely love how you fill one bed with a particular crop. It also looks so beautiful. Other gardeners I’ve seen have interspersed their plants. I enjoyed looking at your garden.i wish mine could look like yours and be as successful as yours.

  • Beth McNutt 7 months ago

    What a lovely garden! I’m just getting my Fall seedlings going here in Marietta, GA. I’ll be sowing carrots and beets outside next week. I love that we can have such an abundant Fall/Winter garden here in Georgia!

  • Patrice's Projects 7 months ago

    Your garden is quite developed for the end of August. When was this planted, or maybe I should ask, when was this recorded?
    Very good choices for a fall garden, and nice video.

  • Gardner Happy 7 months ago

    Been following you since the start of Growing A Greener World. Your the best.

  • Orchid and Kitties 7 months ago

    your garden looks awesomely nice.I grow almost all the things you are growing but not that growing zone is not everything will live through cold/frieze.but the mustard leaves I grow them and I love to eat them.and kale love them.they are very cold hardy. thanks for sharing.I can visit my channel if you can I will be appreciated.

  • André Ricardo Ribeiro 7 months ago

    I'm from Brazil, I'm sorry for the spelling errors and agreement, I'm using google translator.
    Speaking about the drainage system, the myth of the stones in the bottom of the pot remains very strong in Brazil, including among college students.
    What is the best material I could use so that the earth does not go through the pot holes? A material that will last for a long time …

    Thank you very much for the video. God bless you.

  • CustomGardenSolutions 7 months ago

    New subscriber. You have a great. Can't wait to get my garlic started.

  • Kathya Kalinine 7 months ago

    So awesome! Would you be able to provide some guidance for those of us with small space gardens? I’d love to grow my own broccoli!

  • Trevor Covelli 7 months ago

    I will totally have to rethink my fall gardening routine! You always have such great advice! Thank you Joe! Hope people get as much from my channel as I do yours!