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Easy DIY Hydroponics Systems / Announcement Something new and exciting is going to happen. Also got a new product in that we have never used before. The easiest way to grow leafy greens just got easier. My wife’s Arts and Craft Channel, Art ’tis Fun: My Keep on Growin’ Facebook group: EBook shows how to grow with non circulating hydroponics: Hydroponic nutrients and other hard to find supplies: Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Music: Flourishing Views by Martin Gauffin Available on #mrduzee1 #thecreatorspotlightshow Related Posts2019 A Look Ahead / Easy DIY HydroponicsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHydroponic Systems Updates – Hydroponics Growing Systems & EquipmentEasy DIY Hydroponics Systems/ hydroponic basil and chard / reminiscing / urban gardenGrow Plants at Home / Updates and Tips / DIY Hydroponics→ hydroponics growing system homemade-Aquaponics Made Easy With This Aquaponics Systems !

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  • Beke D 11 months ago

    Oh my gosh! I am so excited you are getting all the views you deserve!!! Go you!! Yes, to the livestream!! I am happy for you and for all the folks that will benefit from a dose of VanDuzee Positivity!!! Whoo Hoooo!!! I am off to check out your wife's channel!

  • Mary Murphy 11 months ago

    Absolutely love your videos! So informative and ur projects are economical! I love when u figure out less expensive ways to do it, u share it with the community! Thank you

  • Patty LeVasseur 11 months ago

    i know your married … but i just absolutely love you ;];];] everything from your character…. to your knowledge…. to your flexablity ….and how down to earth you are.. your wife is some very lucky lady to have you . keep on growin just plain rocks my world;];];] thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!! GREAT JOB AS ALWAYS MIKE;];];];];]

  • Ivy E. 11 months ago

    ur HO plan sounds really cool lookin forward for ur LS

  • Jami P 11 months ago

    Soooo wanting and waiting for a Q&A with you!!

  • Thomas Robson 11 months ago

    I like what your doing (even if once in a while you post something I'm not really interested in, I still watch it), I just "followed", "liked", and "shared" your FB page. 🙂

  • Michelle Wheeler 11 months ago

    Appreciate all the options you work on and how much you share and help us! Livestream would be awesome! Thanks for all you do! Super impressed at how much you reply so don't stress if you miss a few of us 😉

  • GraeMatterz 11 months ago

    I love livestreams.

    Also you might want to try something that another one of my favorite channels has done. They do upholstery and give tips in their videos. Since it takes too much time to write out responses to questions on their videos, they have dedicated answer session videos where they pick a few questions out of previous video comments and answer them.

    WRT Non-plastic: I don't know if I've suggested this before but have you thought about trying mason jars? I saw it suggested elsewhere on the net but hadn't seen anyone else try it or the results. A 3" net cup fits in the top of a wide-mouth quart or half gallon mason jar. The glass can be painted to keep out light. Question would be how to set them up to keep them from knocking over when they get top heavy. Probably would be good for lettuce indoors.

  • George BearClaw McClure 11 months ago

    Awesome I am going to try my best to make it to the live stream.

  • Ewell Acres 11 months ago

    Spring is one of my personal favorite time of year to bring in growing nutrients. one of the things I love about hydroponics is you can set it up so that you are able to grow year round.

  • UTK ChemEngr 11 months ago

    Yes to livestream!

  • martysgarden 11 months ago

    Dig the thumbnail,,,members only hehehehe
    I think I am a member, yes?
    The backdrop is looking nicer now,,,good on your wife for starting her new channel.
    My daughter Karin is starting a channel too,,of her sketches.
    Have an awesome day
    Lots of love
    ps: The seeds arrived YEH!
    pps: Live streaming is super fun, love to be involved if the timing is right.

  • Adrian V. 11 months ago

    Yes love stream plz.

  • mssavedin92 11 months ago

    You two are awesome!!! Really happy for you both. Just tried to email you at but wouldnt go through. Do you have a different email or do I need to space the words out? I have questions about what levels the solution has to be at during the grow period and how often (if at all) on average, do YOU find you have to top it off ? Thankyou so much!!

  • Forage Forage 11 months ago

    PVC is an issue when it's raised to a temperature of 140F or higher. Below that temperature.. it's not an issue. I don't know of anyone doing hydro of any kind who are doing any cooking in their PVC systems. rofl.

  • David Pruitt 11 months ago

    Looking forward to the livestream. Thanks for sharing this video,also looking forward to the nft comparison.

  • Susan Rogers 11 months ago

    Live stream sounds good, seems it would help you not get overwhelmed with trying to answer everyone. I'm happy to hear about your wife's channel too.

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden 11 months ago

    Looking forward to seeing you build this rail then make one of your own to compare the pricing. Hate to hear the cold weather came back and put the smack down on your maters. This has been one crazy winter no doubt! Buddy with all you have going on and sharing such wonderful info on how to grow your own food the easy simple way you should have already hit the big time with YouTube! I for one am pulling for ya! Heck yeah a live event would be a lot of fun! Keep up the awesome work my friend and keep your grow on!