My favorite mini hydroponic system for growing lettuce greens or herbs! No pumps. Minimal investment in materials. And this DIY container is totally free, since it’s a re-purposed plastic canister.

These 105 count Clorox wipes containers have a nice wide base and can hold lots of nutrient solution. The lid fits snuggly. And a 2 inch net cup can fit perfectly into the preformed opening. With just a couple of cuts, the container is modified and ready to go!

COMPLETE MATERIAL LIST (# CommissionsEarned) if you’re new to hydroponics:
• Clorox Wipes 105 Count:
• Two Inch Net Cups:
• Hydroponic Nutrient Solution (A+B+C)
– Lettuce Fertilizer 8-15-36:
– Calcium Nitrate:
– Magnesium Sulfate:
• Rapid Rooter Plugs:
• Red Sails Lettuce Seeds:
• Sansi LED Grow Light:
• pH Meter:
• TDS Meter:

Clorox wipes are a consumable product. So you might avoid using sanitizing wipes to reduce waste. But if you already buy these, why not upcycle the empty containers!? Health care facilities, schools and workplace environments are all places that may use such products. If you come across them in your activities, ask people to save the containers for you.

If you are concerned with plastic safety, these canisters are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) #2 plastic. Many common food items are packaged with it including yogurt, milk, water, and juice containers. Being relatively stable, HDPE is considered a “safer” plastic for food and drink use.

Are you new to the idea of hydroponics, especially Dr. B.A. Kratky’s non-circulating method? Watch my intro to the topic here:

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Easy DIY Hydroponics for Lettuce Plants (Compact Indoor Grow Container from Upcycled Clorox Wipes)

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  • lyricwritertoo

    I was wondering about growing some edibles inside. We live in high desert in southern Calif now in retirement and the squirrels and other things attack gardens. We have bare backyard right now. Home 25 years old but no one did anything. Acre of weeds but have 10 trees. But the main house is 64 foot long lodge style with 64 foot skylight. Yeah, I use an umbrella to sleep under if I need a nap during the day!! So maybe I can grow lettuce and tomatoes inside. New at that. But do know garden plants just not for 4,000 feet elevation! All learning experience! Planning natives, drought tolerant and your cardboard mulch ideas outside.

  • Kristine Schilling

    You asked for other upcycles…
    -poke holes in K cups and use as seed sprouters. prep a bunch and set them in a tray or pan with water.
    -clamshells from your purchased berries with as second stage indoor growing for the seed sprouts, you can devide them up into sections with pieces of plastic bottle, milk carton or orange juice jug.
    – use the milk cartons, juice cartons and plastic bottles as seed starters too.
    -CD jewel cases are great for starting seeds with kids. A wet paper towel and the seeds (like lima beans for example) in a warm dark spot. The kids can check them regularly for moisture and to see if they sprout. They can watch the root system start, then move the plant to a carton or bottle.

  • Jason Selph

    I have started to do seedlings in old k-cups. They usually have a filter built in that holds the soil and lets water through. We flip the k-cup around and puncture a second hole for drainage, dump out the coffee into the compost bucket and refill with potting soil, add seeds and mist with a water peroxide mix first and then regular water twice a day and the seedlings come up quick.

    I have also been able to cut gashes in the bottom of the k-cup and use them as netcups. This was far too time consuming though and since the CZ netcups I use are almost indestructible and cheap I haven't bothered.

  • Steve Laubach

    wow… We don't use those wipes but I have to say that my experience with hydro is that it makes you want to grow plants in basically every plastic container you come across.

    I did kratky cauliflower in milk jugs once. It fed the rabbits.

  • Matt Garver

    Another great video! I found my 3.75" net pots fit the tops of those containers, after popping off the yellow lid. Since most of my outdoor containers are drilled for 3.75" net pots, it allows me to start my garden plants early too. Wish that I knew about your flashlight trick sooner though. Dwarf Bok Choy grows well too.

  • Brandon Dickerson

    I personally would be afraid of the BPA in the plastic of that container leeching into the nutrients, maybe someone has an idea for a DIY BPA-free liner. I like the overall idea though I previously repurposed a glass salsa container in a similar manner.

  • Wardens

    My first Kratky container was a blue plastic Maxwell House coffee container, I get these from the recycle bin at work. I still use them for my office grow station where I'm currently growing a marigold and a butterhead lettuce (under a 4-bulb 2' T5 HO light). I also use the containers for storing things like rockwool cubes.

  • German Facundo

    Are you going to continue the "Plant Grow Light Basics -101" series? Btw are you a teacher? Because your way of showing your knowledge. Amazing channel content in all its aspects.

  • Forage Forage

    Kratky is awesome. I teach it to lots of people, all the time. I love the ups cycle aspects.. I use lots of the 32 ounce water bottles..and the brand I happen to buy fits a 3" net cup perfectly. Wrap those babies in couple layers of dark landscape fabric and they rock!.

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