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QG LED Light Strips – Aeration vs No Aeration – Air-stone vs Aeroponics – Water pump – This video is to show a cheap alternative way make an inexpensive and simple hydroponic setup. It is by no means the best way, but it works and will cause less evaporation of the solution compared to using an airstone. This helps keep the TDS and PH of the solution more stable while keeping the water oxygenated and keeping the roots in the air, moist so that the roots do not air prune themselves Related PostsHow To Build A (DWC) Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Setup ( Easy and Cheap )Vertical Gardening | Hybrid Aeroponic Vertical Growing System | Eclipse GroEasy Hydroponics For Under $30 – The Bubble Boy DWC Systemeasy do it yourself – DIY – vegetable trellis, under $15.00DIY Hydro Grow Bucket under $10 off grid hydroponic container get HUGE ghost pepper plant!!Aquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made Easy

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  • Ehab El-Masry 7 months ago

    What is the frequency u follow to run the pump?

  • Douglas Molik 7 months ago

    Simply brilliant.

    Good show !

  • Twilight Gardens presentations 7 months ago

    excellent technique!

  • Nick Fichter 7 months ago

    Your argument for this aeroponic approach is compelling. Are pump and vinyl tubing food safe?

  • very creative. looks nice too (5:30). i hate airstones, so i may try something similar. thanks for sharing!