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this is my easy cedar picket fence planter box / flower box that I just finnished making, enjoy Related PostsDIY Cedar Planter Made Using Fence Pickets Easy Cheap Afternoon BuildHow to make planter boxes from cedar fence boardsProject – Planter Box made from Cedar Fence PicketsEasy vertical planter boxes design ideasBuilding Redwood Planter BoxesHome Farm Ideas – Planter Boxes Out of Pallets Design Ideas – Home Farm

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  • Sullivan's Papa 1 year ago

    Semper Fi!

  • 037emka 1 year ago

    can you make a video on how to actually build it?

  • Owen Barnhart 1 year ago

    Good Job !!

  • lapu67 1 year ago

    Beautiful, great job! Thanks man

  • john david 1 year ago

    Very neat .

  • Purple Dragon 1 year ago

    They look great.  Would have been better to show specifically how to do it.  Instructional video..

  • Jeremy Mccain 1 year ago

    How you determine the length of the miter pieces on top? Thanks

  • waitwhatwasthat 1 year ago

    It's so easy you don't even need step by step instructions.
    "Hey guys, here's an easy project: If you want Planter Boxes, build them!"
    "That's the end of my video."

  • Michele W 1 year ago

    Love the planter boxes!

  • John 1 year ago

    Thanks for the idea.  I made a similar version from old wood pallets.  

    Planter Box from Pallets

  • uk1941 1 year ago

    I like them but would have been nice to actually see you make them.

  • palmer3977 1 year ago

    very nice

  • Peter H 1 year ago

    great planter Boxes.

  • Rosston Reyor 1 year ago

    Really like the planter boxes. Cedar is a great building material. Really like how it gets grey with age. Well done.

  • Wugums Falcon 1 year ago

    @TreasureFiend why is there now a $500 dollar fine for metal detecting?

  • TreasureFiend 1 year ago

    woods are off limits in all of my county, $500 fine if caught

  • TreasureFiend 1 year ago

    $500 fine if caught metal detecting the woods

  • FindingLostTreasure 1 year ago


  • RIHussey 1 year ago

    When you get plants in the planters, you won't notice the corners. Great job!

  • dig1ny 1 year ago

    They look awesome! Pretty cool stuff..Cant imagine a dislike on this video.It aint fiends fault you couldnt even glue two popsicle sticks together in elementary school.Some are just crafty….I need to stop messin around,but i enjoyed checking your projects out.Good stuff!