Easy beautification for beginners

Subscribe to “Life Behind the Bridge” for more videos. Life After Bridge is a channel that tells about the life-changing journey of Malaysians working in Singapore. Malaysia and Singapore once merged into one, and today these two countries have independently formed their own unique cultures and economies, and enjoy a high reputation in the world. This is a huge success and development. Malaysia and Singapore have always maintained healthy relations with their neighbors. There are many factors that have shaped the establishment and reputation of the two countries. As we all know, Singapore is one of the four dragon nations in Asia and plays a major role in the global economy. It defines the degree of success of Singapore. An island of 719.9 square kilometers can hold 5.61 million people, which is incredible. Due to limited resources and land, the development of various industries such as construction, factories, education, hotels, and medical treatment seems to be restricted. Despite many restrictions, Singapore has become one of the internationally recognized platforms. Compared with Malaysia, the exchange rate is attractive, and Malaysia works across the bridge. This is a trend, and many Malaysians cross the bridge every day and strive to survive. Part of the reason is that job opportunities in Malaysia are difficult and the cost of living has risen sharply. Personally, I choose to work in Singapore to explore myself and gain inspiration in an internationally recognized country. Although it is only a bridge distance, it makes the two countries different in many ways. This Malaysian adventure will share more about the process of life changes after working in Malaysia. If you want to know more, please subscribe to “Life Behind the Bridge” for more videos. __________________________________________________________________ Easy beautification for beginners! Are you annoyed by your unattended garden full of weeds? No problem, we have the easiest way to make your beautiful garden come back again! Follow the simple steps below to make your garden look new again! Step 1:-Clean up the pruned branches. Step 2:-Remove weeds and stones. Step 3:-Fill low places.-Arrange the soil evenly. Step 4:-Level the surface. Step 5:-Lay a weed net on the desired area. To avoid weed regeneration)-Decorate with pebbles and stones Step 6:-Start planting Bermuda grass Step 7:-Thoroughly press the surface of the grass Step 8:-Cleaning requires equipment: 1. Tooth eyes Ho 2. Ho 3. Flower branches 4. Small pointed hoe 5. Small hoe 6. Garbage bag 7. Grass net 8. Gloves 9. Straw hat Materials needed: 1. Pebble 2. Bermuda glass 3. Pebble slab 4. Sand hope you like this video, please subscribe if you Like this video, please like it. Thanks for watching. Happy beautification! .


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