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Jaikisan is a powerful platform and voice of Farmer.The programme is outside the domain of technology.It is a prime driving force of issues,problems,concerns related to farmer’s support systems,pricing,marketing of farm produce & live stock.commodity futures,govt schemes,input subsidies,policies,regulatory issues and day to day farm events,happenings of specific regional importance as well as innovations and achievements of wider impact in the farm sector.Not only this,one more key area is off- farm success stories of farmer groups/associations/cooperatives/companies in the farm sector. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMedak farmer plan to protect the crop from wild animals TS – జైకిసాన్ – 8th May 2015Papaya farmers lossing yields due to virus on 11th February 2014How to Plant and Take Care of Creeping Dollar Plants for Wall Decorative PlantsHigh production cost to hit dairy farmer profits – జైకిసాన్ – on 1st March 2014How Ants Take Care of Their FarmsWhat sectors need to collaborate to create healthy cities and how different sectors can take action?

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