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Trellises are a great way to grow more using less space. I use them for beans, and cucumbers, but they can also be used for squash, or small melons. I like things that are easy, and this trellis is about as easy as it gets. It is pretty close to being a trellis when you buy it. It comes in 8 foot sections, so if you don’t want it that tall, you will have to cut some off…….using bolt cutters. I garden in zone 6b. We have some pretty challenging weather sometimes. I don’t claim to be an expert, so you will see my successes and my failures. I really appreciate feedback, so please say hi so I’ll know you’ve dropped by. If you would like to be notified when new videos are posted, please subscribe at: I also have a gardening blog at: I recently started a page on facebook. It will include photos and some additional information that doesn’t show up on youtube. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTrellising Options for Cucumbers, Beans, Zucchini, Squash & Melons: Grow Vertically & Save Space!Growing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellisDIY PVC Trellis / Arbor, Beans & Cucumbers – BroBryceGardensHow To Build a Cheap Strong Trellis for About 40 Bucks For Squash, Watermelon / MelonsTraining Squash & Cucumbers On Trellis Small Space Grow VerticalMelon netting – Growing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellis

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  • Bratha Garden 1 year ago

    Thank you sir for Sharing! Exactly what I'm looking for

  • OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening 1 year ago

    Very nice trellis!

  • Mark Thieme 1 year ago

    nice job whew hog panels are like 60 bucks a panel here tfs!

  • The Gardening Addict Channel 1 year ago

    I have and tried the steel remesh for a trellis and tomato cage. It works better as the cage since like you said it flimsy. That was cheap, quick and easy. TFS, T.

  • martysgarden 1 year ago

    This is super cool. When the time comes to grow a vertical trellis I am going to truly look into using this. I like this system so much I will share it over at my video site Happy House and Garden,,,may get you a few more views.
    Thanks again for the video.
    Happy Gardening/Farming
    Marty Ware (Australian Micro Farmer)
    ps: This panel may be perfect for my next Black Cherry Tomato crop for the restaurants)

  • C3 Voyage 1 year ago

    Couldn't be easier!

  • Cultivating Organic by Jo & Mig 1 year ago

    That will really be a perfect trellis for many climbing plants.  Another one on my "to do" list. TFS.

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 1 year ago

    Such a BRILLIANT Trellis and so easy to make, you are full of amazing tips Jim 🙂 Thanks a million for sharing this and sending you loads of love and heaps of happiness from right across the Emerald Isle for a WONDERFUL Wednesday ahead XXXX <3

  • Gapeys Grub 1 year ago

    I was planning on using one of those for my cukes this year. I hadn't decide how I was going to hold it up yet though. Good idea.

  • Sue Miller (hobbypainter) 1 year ago

    Thanks for the info on price comparison. That is next on my things to do list.

  • Permaculture Homestead 1 year ago

    cattle panels are cheap, nice up.

  • My frugal life 1 year ago

    Nice idea. I just stretch some wires between the poles, because i can't really spend lots of money on the gardening, so I have to use something less convenient but cheapper.

  • mick watson 1 year ago

    Definitely see the difference in the strength between the two, great tip!!

  • Gardening in Missouri 1 year ago

    That stuff work great I have some around my tomato box and it has not one lick of rust..

  • Bob Lt (BobMel's Gardening) 1 year ago

    Great trellis Jim. I make mine similar to that. Best wishes Bob.

  • WORM GITTER 1 year ago

    That IS a nice and easy trellis ever, but I am not sure about the cheap!