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Find out how potatoes start life underground before being picked for us to buy in the shops. For lots of great resources to accompany this video, and to watch the full Online Field Trip, visit our website: Follow us on Twitter for news about exciting projects from the Tesco Eat Happy Project: Follow us on Pinterest for more resources and videos all about fruit, vegetables and other foods we need to eat to stay healthy: Video Rating: / 5 Candy is so happy and proud that Dave was able to grow plants by himself. Dave wonders if flowers and and trees are the only kinds of plants. Candy tells him about the other types of plants. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsInteresting Facts About Plants | Why Do Potatoes Grow Underground?Vegetable Gardening : How to Grow Sweet PotatoesKeep Calm and Learn How to Grow Kennebec Potatoes in Your Garden!How to Successfully Grow Potatoes – Organic Vegetable GardeningKids Love to Garden Too – Digging PotatoesHow to Grow Potatoes in Containers to Avoid Space Limitations

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  • anon jon 1 year ago

    without human consumption how would the potatoes spread their seedlings to other areas? i cant imagine an animal eating most of the root, save one and bury it elsewhere for safe keeping

  • WolfySnackrib666 1 year ago

    You like to boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew?

  • Backyard Garden 1 year ago

    Check out my potato videos :)

  • Luke Panton 1 year ago

    Are babies made like this also?

  • charles nokes 1 year ago

    Annoying fucking narrator

  • Popcorn Zinif 1 year ago

    why do super market potatoes grow while they are in the plastic bag

  • Billy Prusinowski 1 year ago

    So those potatoes are like…. …. that doens't mak….so if you leave the potato there for like years, will it go forever?

  • nicky d 1 year ago

    So now knower were come.

  • Rafee Reborn 1 year ago

    Tank CHU so much a