To celebrate Earth Day, we are going to visit a cool DIY backyard, learn how to compost, and show you how to create your own indoor garden. With a special Earth Day Karaoke session and a simple quick tip, this week’s episode is our greenest one yet.

Links in this Episode:

American Horticulture Society –
Bio Gems –
Trees For The Future –
Hi Tree! –
National Gardening Association –
Pollyanna Cowgirl –
Webby Awards –

Earth Day Special: DIY Gardening, Threadbanger

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  • HardyCs123

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  • Green Power Farm

    That is cool,
    I went to earth day here in asheville and it had nothing to do with earth day I thought it was just a bunch of hippies partying. Total let down.
    I wanted to see wind turbine & solar panels. Thanks,

  • varun009

    you mean threadheads cause there are different shows on threadbanger ilke threadheads, decor it yourself and andrew hanson i dont know what the name of his show is but its awesome all the TB shows are

  • Brendan Miller

    recycle and take care of the Earth.. BY USING TIRES AS POTS! WeEEeEEeEEEe!

    I don't like how "in your face" this video seemed.

  • Regalo1.9.7.9

    i think your program is really cool and helpful! could you make a video on how to make a cool retro-inspired lampshade and repainting a furniture. oh i look forward to watching more videos from you guys!

  • ThreadBanger

    were still here…this is just a different show.Watch for threadheads every friday and a new decor it yourself on Tuesday

  • candyman45

    I was wondering if you have a way to make a recycled pencil case. It would be awesome if you did a video on that because it would make my school bag very unique and i could say that i made it. 😀 =D

  • ThreadBanger

    You could use a trash bin, but there is a balance to find when it comes to the air circulation that the city compost bin finds on it's own. You can use a trash bin, you will just have to stir up the compost a bit more I believe. The bin I visited didn't smell at all outside, and I opened it, looked in and everything.
    To put on your plants just wait until everything is broken down into a nutrient-rich soil, then gently sprinkle on your plants.
    Best of luck!
    xo, Meg

  • ThreadBanger

    Rob & Corinne have their fantastic show Threadheads on every Friday. It's never changed, so don't worry. We still have them:) Long live Rob & Corinne!
    xo, M

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