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You can earn ,600 in one season by selling tomatoes and tomato plants grown in your backyard. I get asked all the time if there is a way to make a living from gardening or from a homestead. There is! It is by selling tomatoes and plants that you grow. I cover the costs and profits from selling tomatoes. And provide resources for the materials you need to be successful. RESOURCES: – Mittleider Demo Garden, Conroe, Texas: – Seedling Heat Mat: – Digital Thermostat For Heat Mats: – T5 EnviroGro 4Ft 6 Tube Fixture w/Bulbs: – 1/8″Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger: – 7-Day Digital Program Timer: – How To Grow Sweet Potatoes: – Mittleider Facebook Group: – Mittleider Gardening Course Book: – Natural Mineral Fertilizers: – How To Grow Seedlings with Amazing Results: – Mittleider Gardening Information & Training: – Money Making Idea – Tomatoes – Turn into ,667 in 85 Days, Maybe: – Tomatoes and Other Crops, as Currency, Which Grows 10,000%, in a Month!: – Home Based Business ,000 Per Day, Planting Seeds?: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEARN $10,600 BY SELLING TOMATOES – Step 1: PlantingBethesda Community Garden Club Selling and EducatingHow to Harvest Tomatoes from Your Tower GardenPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewAn Update From The Garden! Hydroponic Tomatoes and MORE!Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes from Suckers

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  • Brian Mc Donnell 1 year ago

    Facts and figures are all wrong. You can never get 10.00 a plant where I live in Pennsylvania and never get 3.00 a lb.for the BEST tomatoes. Ive been farming for 44 years and never came close to those prices and I grow mine all naturally and still cant get prices like that. Sorry, I dont know where you live, but Id be glad to truck you 2000 lbs of my tomatoes if you could get me 3.00 a lb. lol

  • Matthew Niedbala 1 year ago

    Wait why aren't you using the 80-4-1 gypsum-Epsom salt-borax?

  • Dizzykitty817 1 year ago

    I am willing to bet you are loosing money on electricity.

  • Mark Saggese 1 year ago

    The plants are only 8 weeks old?   Great job!

  • MARGO F 1 year ago

    $10 is a veggie dream..u know that! If u r running around "finding", beggin or dumpster diving pots…u should hv a better guage.U don't usually throw out junk data figures LDSP.. I U R getting cut the Mittleider Plugs/PROMOTIONS/Stuff..well this is American!..but bogus data is not your forte..or is it? I respected your vids b4..but now…

  • Brian Davis 1 year ago

    That's a bunch of bullshit !

  • Kinky Wombat 1 year ago

    I never understand why religious persons quote religious texts in medieval English.  That's not the language the Bible was written in (though it is the language The Book of Mormon was written in for some reason).  Anyway, if you're going to do it, at least do it right.  The 'y' in 'ye' is not the same as the modern 'y', as in 'yellow', it's the medieval English character thorn.  Thorn was pronounced as 'th' is pronounced today, so 'ye' is pronounced 'thee'.

  • Jim Pence 1 year ago

    Well, I am  in Ohio.  Maybe you can sell them for that much, in CALI.  So, I could be wrong.  Around here, you night get $3.00 per plant.   If it works out there…..Congrats!   :)

  • Jim Pence 1 year ago

    I have to agree.  No one is going to pay you ten dollars a plant.

  • Angie Swyers 1 year ago

    I really wounder if this works. I sold maybe 30 plants this year. And have 700 beefsteak tomato Plants and 400 bell pepper plants and 100 banana peppers, and about 300 mix of pepper plants. So 1500 plants total. This is May 8th 2016 My pepper plants are two foot tall and all my tomato plants are 6 foot + I have only harvested about 12 pounds so far. I am selling at $1.50 a pound. I am hoping for 20,000 pounds of vegetables this year does this sound right? Thanks Angie

  • Ken R. 1 year ago

    The guy who made this video is using very optimistic numbers. Good luck selling 100 tomatoes for $10/each. Also, good luck making $60 from one tomato plant (assuming it produces 20 lbs of sellable tomatoes). I sell both seedlings and heirloom tomatoes, and can assure you that you will not get $3/lb during the peak of the season unless you have an excellent market (I've seen them go for well under $1/lb at peak season). Let me also add that it is a ton of work and takes years to build up a customer base. The guy who made this video obviously has little experience in this field. This would be his day job if it was really as easy as he presents it.

  • Watermelonz brah 1 year ago

    hey buddy, I live in Idaho to working in a nursery and working in the community with the farmers market. I know for a fact that nobody would buy your shit plants for 10$ let alone 5$ seriously this is a joke don't be fooled and don't waist your money! ……this guy is not an expert and he has no idea what he is talking about!

  • Daniel Marquez 1 year ago

    This is similar but not as extreme as the guy telling everyone how to make $2000 a day with tomato plants. The though is good and method interesting but all the time to find the customers is unrealistic.

  • Jeffrey Baughman 1 year ago

    I hate to break it to you but if your plants are setting fruit that early, you are doing something wrong. They essentially think they are going to die early and are trying to produce fruit as fast as possible.

  • 55Herbie1 1 year ago

    Are the Big Beef tomatoes the kind you're growing or are there other varieties you grow? Thanks

  • TheOldngrumpy1 1 year ago

    3inch netcups are dirt cheap and are excellent for starting plants. If you have trouble finding pots you might consider using biodegradable grow bags, which are also quite cheap. The grow bags come in various sizes for different plants and offer "air pruning" of roots, avoiding the common problem of bound roots in solid pots. I use a mix of peat moss and compost 2/1 with a generous amount of Perlite and a couple of handfuls of lime to raise pH for tomatoes. Keeping the bags in a tray with 1/2 inch of water makes caring for them almost effortless, and the peat will draw water to the plant without becoming saturated.

  • Sake Flula 1 year ago

    I wish you would get out of Mittleider's asshole.

  • Daddy Naut 1 year ago

    Good advice, but can you advise on where/how to sell the plant or its fruit? Is asking grocery store manager or standing on street an option you were thinking of?

  • Alink Toth 1 year ago

    Best video ever. I'm gonna do agriculture including partly weed in it to make the perfect life and love garden.

  • one less rat 1 year ago

    did you just use 'regular' grow lights? I'd done lots of research on red and blue lights for growing, so i ordered a bunch of leds from ebay and made a grow light… for grins, since they had them, i put 4 UV leds in a bank of 20 mixed with red and blue… every single baby tomato reached for the UV… but i also found i can buy UV GU10 bulbs, so i'll be replacing all my potlight bulbs with UV in the winter when i bring my plants in…