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Early Spring Vegetable Garden Tour of our garden. See what we are currently growing and what we are about to plant in our organic vegetable garden for the Spring in Dallas, Texas. Learn quick tips & trick that we have learned over the years to have a successful organic spring vegetable garden in your own backyard for and urban garden setting. Related PostsEarly Fall Vegetable Garden Tour & HarvestTexas Organic Spring Vegetable Garden 2012 Update #4 of 8The Beginning | Spring Vegetable GardenChandigarh, Pinjor Garden Educational TourTime to start the Spring Vegetable Garden!Spring 2016 Vegetable Garden Update

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  • Gymgirl lja 11 months ago

    Hey, Brandon!

    Looking good. Question: How do you keep ants from building nests under your weed cloth? I'm thinking it has something to do with moisture control. I notice when I water, they move the nest somewhere else, drier.

    Did I just answer my own question, LOL! You have a drip system in place under the weed cloth, yes? I hand water my garden…hmmmmmmmmmmmm….


  • Janice B 11 months ago

    lots of variety. Thanks for the tour. It always looks so fresh, clean, and weed free beginning of spring.

  • krb fisherman 11 months ago

    Do an episode where you plant seeds

  • Midnight Meow 11 months ago

    Do you still have your chickens?

  • V Schilling 11 months ago

    Always a Great Job Brandon. I am always looking forward to your videos. I live close to your area. I like seeing what your planting and try to plant the same thing in my square foot gardens. I am late and waiting impatiently putting my vegetables transplants out. You know we had some bad weather with all that Hail we got 2 times. Had some damage to our siding on the house. I see some homes and apartments with there Windows boarded up. so happy we have storm widows. It was a good thing I didn't put anything out. I do have some herbs in pots and a few variety of Tomatoes In 5 gallon buckets which was a blessing this time. I went out in the Garden and brought them underneath our covered patio. It saved them. I see many little Tomato forming on them now. very excited about that. Anyways Keep up the good work. Love watching your garden grow!!! Stay Blessed

  • Rob Backyard Gardenerr 11 months ago

    Very nice start to the garden Brandon!

  • Ssupermom12000 11 months ago

    I live in Vermont and my last frost date is May 13. I tried the black krim tomato but I didn't care for the flavor, maybe because it was store bought not sure. I plan on going to one of my local farmers market to see if they have any and try it fresh. I usually grow big boys and last year I tried, I can't remember the name it was a yellow tomato with a peach colored blush fantastic flavor. I will eventually remember the name lol. I really enjoy your videos.

  • Shawan Kumar 11 months ago

    hey mate, what are your thoughts on Vandana Shiva?

  • hope crews 11 months ago

    here in Chicago my grow season isn't long enough to ripen globe, so I grew imperial star last season, learned the butterflies love, love, love it!

  • hope crews 11 months ago

    looks like the onions perked up nicely though. The rainbow and vibrancy of colors in your chard is gorgeous!

  • gmaclau 11 months ago

    Big fan of your channel, I'm also in the North Dallas area. Where did you pick up the pecan shell mulch?

  • Rusty Glovebox 11 months ago

    Very nice garden. We're just down the interstate. Enjoyed your channel. New subscriber

  • Texas Backyard Gardener 11 months ago

    Glad to see you with an update video Brandon, I enjoy your videos, and I'm sure your hands are full with your son.

  • DJMovit 11 months ago

    Did you ever think of using hoop houses to protect your plants? Nice update! Hope the little one is doing well!

  • Gary Jordan 11 months ago

    Glad to see someone is growing the long beans. I personally think they taste better then normal green beans. I think you will really like them.

  • John Philblade 11 months ago

    Glad to see you again. I was getting worried that something may have happened.

  • Mary Helen Hall 11 months ago

    Where did you purchase the pecan mulch? I used to have an "in" to get it for free, but that's no longer an option for me. Would love to add it to my garden this year. Your garden looks great, as usual!

  • Curious Turtle 11 months ago

    Do you know what kind of snakes you found? I am curious since I am also in Dallas and grew up here….. I don't normally see anything but garden snakes… which are actually little snakes that eat worms. Those are the one's that would always be around my dad's garden boxes.

  • The Gardening Addict Channel 11 months ago

    Your Swiss chard is ENORMOUS and it looks wonderful!!! Great list of peppers too! Your garden will be great as usual. Thanks for sharing and keep growing, T.

  • t. marie 11 months ago

    nice video and nice garden as always