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A peek at those pearly white roots! Looking forward to continuing the development/playing scientist with our customers. Grow potatoes, grow tomatoes, heck grow ginseng! This is making our dreams come true. Being in the position we are and having our company produce NASA quality technology is amazing!! Related PostsWelcome To Our Organic Vegetable Garden | Spring 2016How to maintain healthy Aeroponic roots part2Maintaining healthy aeroponic roots part3Early Spring Vegetable Garden TourEarly Spring Plants Series: Planters, Wall Bags, and Hanging BasketsJust Kids Career Day Catering

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  • Tushar Kathuria 7 months ago

    Amazing man..your doing great job..will get in touch with you on mail soon..

  • fowlerlalex 7 months ago

    Amazing!! Absolutely amazing

  • Atom izer 7 months ago

    check out atomix aeroponic roots, circa 10 years ago 😉

  • Dagins Elden 7 months ago

    I was wondering a few things if you get a chance… Firstly my biggest concern is the roots sitting in still water on the bottom, is that ok? Do you use hydrogen peroxide to help oxygenate the water on the bottom/ clean the barrel in use? And lastly I notice your water looks really clear and was wondering what concentration you might be feeding… Thanks for any information or advice you can give, I made a small 5 gallon system as i don't have the space for one of yours at this time, But was concerned because a couple of my roots just hit the water at the bottom and my drain let's almost an inch of water sit on the bottom before going back to the reservoir tank… is that ok or do i need to re-figure my setup for better drainage? Thanks

  • Harold Wong 7 months ago

    I'm wondering if you'd get more plant per square feet if you're using 30 gallon barrel and off-set that with more barrels. It seems a lot of wasted space in the middle of the 55 gallon barrel especially with plants with even smaller root balls. BTW, try growing Wasabi. That's a cash crop (unless there are no sushi places in your area) and a challenge to grow. Looking forward to more videos. Thanks.

  • Jeff Jones 7 months ago

    what is the power requirements for the pump? can it be, or have you, set up any systems to run off solar or DC?

  • Shaun Perry 7 months ago

    Love every video! Thanks!