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This update covers my home build aeroponic system that has been working wonders. I’m so happy I built this hydroponic set up, it’s absolutely care free and the ease/speed of getting cuttings to root is extraordinary! I wish I would have built this years ago, seriously the best thing I have got in my gardening hobby for years. If you have any questions about building your own feel free to ask. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBeginner Balcony Food Gardening: Beans, Peppers, Scallions, Melons, More …DIY 39 Pepper Aeroponic System EP. 3 PT 1 (NutrienHomemade Hydroponics System | Deep Water Culture | Carolina Reaper Grow #6 | Hot Peppers | LED GrowDIY 39 pepper Aeroponic System- EP. 1 (Rails)Low pressure aeroponic system version 2 – Progress update #1Hydroponics Europe: Nutriculture Amazon Aeroponic System Assembly

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  • lackumzs 1 year ago

    How long does it take for a pepper cutting to root in this set-up?

  • Steve Laubach 1 year ago

    did you feed them?

    The plants are showing either Mg deficiency or Iron deficiency (not sure which).

    If it's Iron it's probably a pH problem.

    If it's Mg you may have overfed with P.

    If you never fed them then they're deficient because they need something to eat.  Get that plant a sandwich!


    Great videos, I wonder what the nutritional value of the foods that are grown in this method would be. Keep up the good work.

  • torben poulsen 1 year ago

    Hello BrightGreenThumb. 
    Thanks for the nice video and congratulations with your system.

    I have a few questions. 
    What kind of nutrients do you use, and how do you regulate it. Do you monitor pH EC?
    How often do you change water in the system? I have had some bad experience with not changing water very often in DWC resulting in pathogen bacteria (murky brown water with slime in it). Have you been free from such problems? 🙂

    And how about the mister heads, don't they clog? 

  • vegetablesteve 1 year ago

    thanks for your your time you put in to this. I'll get working on this, next month.


  • BrightGreenThumb 1 year ago

    Yeah I have a video of all the stuff you need and some details of how I built it. Search "DIY Aeroponic Cloner $60" and it should come up. So I would recommend getting the same tote I have which is called online "Centrex Plastic Flat Lid Tote" found mine at lowes for $10. Then on ebay buy a 400gph submersible pump, 25 ez clone mister heads, 3/4" pvc (10 feet or so), 35 2" net cups, and 35 turbo klone neoprene inserts. Tools you need are 2" hole saw and a 10/32 tap. Any questions just ask.

  • vegetablesteve 1 year ago

    I've never seen an aeroponic system, this is great, I want to know more about it. Can you respond on the comment or inbox me on how to build this and what you need?

    thanks in advance and keep up the good work,

  • Luca Berardi 1 year ago

    That's amazing man!! It's a hell of an aeroponic/clonic sistem!!
    Do you have something for bigger plant to show?