Dutch scientists close to 'breakthrough' method of growing crops in deserts

Scientists in the Netherlands say they are close to a breakthrough which will allow crops to be grown in deserts. Many say this could completely alter life on the African continent and even end hunger.

World leaders meeting at the climate talks in Germany are being urged to commit to more funding for new agricultural projects in drought-stricken parts of the world.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from the Netherlands.

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Dutch scientists close to 'breakthrough' method of growing crops in deserts

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  • Vickey Maverick

    Illegal immigration is a scourge.
    It has to be contained, no matter whatever is needed to be done.
    The over populated and under developed countries in Africa and the Middle East put a huge pressure on global resources without contributing anything at all.
    Migration is indeed a great problem.

  • mat graves

    The break through must be them editing the gene of the plant to hold more water/loose less water..because growing plants in hydro (lots of water ) hardly guna solve growing in drought countrys….the reporter was amazed at growing without soil lol it's called hydroponics it ain't nothing new he was acting the hydroponic systems was the thing that's the breakthrough we have had hydroponic for probs hundreds of years the growing systems are not the problems,They could grow in the ground if they had water! it's the droughts That are the problem, no water! Lol . you especially cant grow hydro with little water, it may use less if in a closed system but you certainly need more intial water then natural growing techniques ..They will be running 100 if not thousands of litres of water..so unless they developed plants that use /transpirer less water to the point almost next none then the problems still there …no water bruv!

  • Walter Messines

    If all go vegetarian and farmers read "Secrets of the Soil" all will be well on this planet again. Somehow the years of Bio-dynamic gardening on the new land in Lelystad still hasn't convinced Wageningen that the way forward id not to use more Tech, but to humanise society again, away from the extreme reliance on brilliant minds and back in harmony with the planet and all it's inhabitants.

  • Minister of Yahushua Ha-mashiach, marita

    There is NO overpopulation and no CLIMATE CHANGE. They LIE. They (Rulers/KINGS) use CHEMTRAILS to make you and our crops and animals sick and die. WAKE UP..
    If you use woodchips instead of scaping our top soil of the face of the earth, everything would work out just fine. Us humans should NOT play to be YHWH/God. Leave nature alone and DO NOT think that you can do a better job than our CREATOR YHWH and nature itself.

  • Hellmuth Schreefel

    Why are there so many negative, critical comments? At least the Dutch are TRYING to do something about the global food shortage and climate change refugee migration. What has YOUR country done to try to alleviate those problems? What solutions have YOU come up with? Anything? Anything at all? No? Didn't think so.

  • dehra dun

    historical innovation for mankinds by the finding that group of special bacteria that activate plants growth without using humus soil and water. This could solve 70% of world's food problem.

  • jessie livermore

    there's something not right with this, these greenhouses n tech electricity cost millions how do you pay it with tomatoes? we have sun n portugal and margins are horrible

  • Mrbigolnuts

    I have eaten these tomatoes for years, in the UAE most of our produce comes from Holland, IT'S RUBBISH, tasteless, no nutrition, looks perfect, this report shows one side only of this poor quality manufactured material.