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I’ve been building a new Dutch Bucket hydroponic system and finally have everything completed and functioning quite well. In this video, I’ll explain the lessons that I learned from my first setup back in the Spring, along with changes made for this new setup. Also, I’ll share how easy it is to make your own dutch (bato) buckets. This is a very simple recirculating hydroponics system that works great for fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. It can be set up inside a greenhouse, in your backyard, or on your porch. For my nutrient mix, I use Masterblend 4-18-38, mixed to the manufacturers specifications. It is available online at various places, but I order from Morgan County Seeds out in Missouri. Other types of hydroponic fertilizers can be used just as well. Here’s the link to the video where I explain how to mix it .. For anyone concerned about the use of PVC or plastics, read this : Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBulding Dutch Buckets – DIY HydroponicsDutch Bucket Hydroponics inside Harbor Freight 10×12 GreenhouseDutch Bucket Hydroponics SystemHydroponic Greenhouse Project, Dutch bucket tomatoes, NFT Peppers and LettuceHydroponic Update ~ Dutch Bucket Tomatoes and Kratky LettuceDutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes – Lessons Learned and a New Crop

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  • Peter Beyer 1 year ago

    Love the slow mo….love the demo….brilliant explanation…

  • Aaron Schulte 1 year ago

    Hello MHPgardener.  First off I love your videos.  My question is what kind of pump do you use for your dutch bucket system?  GPH? Also what kind of timer do you have?  I'm in the process of getting a smaller setup in my newly built greenhouse.

  • Brad Jackson 1 year ago

    Hey Bobby how tall is the stand your buckets are setting on?

  • Mike Talley 1 year ago

    Hi , do you use shade cloth on you greenhouse ?

  • Deborah Elliott 1 year ago

    Hey MHPgardener, I have a question. I know that dutch buckets work, but can you use this as a kratky system instead of a hydroponics system? I don't have electricity but I also have to work and cannot water them 4 times per day. Would I be able to put the bucket at 1/2 full of nutrients and leave it till the next day and check on the liquid?

  • paul evans 1 year ago

    how much crowed are the roots when you pull them out? thinking of trying 4" pipe same height. Do you know if anybody try. Trying to save on the perlite.

  • Mike Castellano 1 year ago

    Hey mhpgardener how come you don't do acqponics?and do you know the difference between acqponics vs hydroponics?thanks!

  • JOSEPH CORSBIE 1 year ago

    thanks for the info .

  • Alexander Derkach 1 year ago

    Greetings from Russia to you!. Thanks for awesome videos. I trying to grow tomatoes on rockwool mats and I have a questions:
    1. What PPM level of the solution you support?
    2. What you can say about irrigation mode per day for rockwool mats?

    Thanks again.
    God bless you.

  • Érick Fortin 1 year ago

    Hi mhpgardener
    What do you think about cocotek (coco fiber) growing media
    Here in canada is verry dificult to find perlite in big bags and where i found them they are 70$++

  • I.DIY Modern 1 year ago

    cant I just use regular landscape rocks ?

  • Larry Robertson 1 year ago

    have you tried squash in dutch buckets

  • Kit Just 1 year ago

    Wow this looks easy! Thank you for the great explanation! One question though – what size of pump are you using for the water and nutrients? How do you decide how big a pump to use?

  • Chip Griswold 1 year ago

    Putting together supplies to give this a go. I was wondering if you knew the part number for the Grommets at Grainger?

    Great video!

  • fatalbert1939 heyheyhey 1 year ago


  • Wanda Winn 1 year ago

    Hi great video can this system be done outside i don't have a green house

  • Linda Kordich 1 year ago

    Do you have an idea what it would cost to build a greenhouse like you have? Thank you!

  • Lauren Anon 1 year ago

    What grade perlite do you use?

  • John Mayer 1 year ago

    Great video as you have given me confidence to build and try it this year. Do you have the Granger part number for the rubber gromment? I tried LDS prepper but gives no number either unless I missed it altogether. Thank you!

  • wesley indarjit gajadhar 1 year ago

    if I purchase 3/4 inch grommets, what size hole saw should i purchase to make the holes in the buckets?