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This is how its done. Fogponics at its best. 75 site grow table with mist. The room was install by The DueCrew out of Michigan. Contact info is due.crew@yaho… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsGrow Room & Super BubbleFlow Hydroponic System 1Hydroponic Grow Room | Big Buddha Hydroponic System by SuperclosetVertical Hydroponic System & Grow Room Kit Setup Part 1Best Vertical Grow Room | Big Buddha Box | Hydroponic Grow System | SuperClosetVertical Grow Room Hydroponic Grow System Big Buddha Box Grow Room SuperClosetVertical Hydroponic System & Grow Room Kit Setup

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  • water-cool those lights while you’re at it????

  • Hanggeorgewbush 5 years ago

    Pros do not hang CO2 gens right next to the exhaust. Michigan has way
    better craftsmen then these clowns.?

  • justgivemethetruth 5 years ago

    Nice looking setup … but I am confused …
    – where is the fog coming from ?
    – what as the black tubes doing … are they aeroponics sprayers in the
    horizontal fenceposts or do they in some way contribute to the fog?
    – But a fogponics element for every black tube would cost too much …
    please explain, this is really cool.?

  • Rachel Klein 5 years ago

    @ Kimio Lami, one problem with what you have just said here is that you
    have failed to mention that one of the inputs for aquaponics is fish feed
    which depending on type of fish you are feeding can also end up being

  • Kimlo Lami 5 years ago

    The issue with hydroponics is that you have to pay for “plant food” or
    nutrition and supplements that can be costly.?

  • Chief Big Cloud 5 years ago
  • mad asini 5 years ago
  • dmmon89 5 years ago
  • pointdexx 5 years ago
  • Fatsacks Allday 5 years ago