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[2 0 1 7] トラックリスト: 00:00 – Map to the stars 03:21 – Light a candle 07:08 – In the hallway 10:58 – Keeper of the garden 14:19 – Solitary star 18:17 – Lover 21:40 – Mannequin 25:14 – Wearing a mask 30:03 – Shattered mirror travel 33:56 – The rising sun I don’t own any of this content. All credit goes to Matthew Mondanile and New Images Limited. Uploaded only for entertainment purposes Related PostsCarbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden [Full Reissued Album ]Waterjuice ?Carbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden (2015 24-bit Remaster) [Full Album]Carbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden [Full Album HD]Bob Ross Beats the Devil Out of It 1Vertical farm: Newark, New Jersey to house world’s largest indoor vertical farm by end of 2015

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  • Anton Jørgensen 9 months ago

    has he been part of other musical groups? feel like i heard the voice before. beach house?

  • He should start releasing albums under his other nickname, "The Nightjerker." He was always a humorless prick, the sex predator thing was the nail in the coffin.

  • Svenska Lektioner 9 months ago


  • Kevin Twin 9 months ago

    This should be illegal

  • Filippo Mazzini 9 months ago

    Despite all that sad and disgusting stuff…i guess i can't make myself forget your beautiful music Matt.

  • The King 9 months ago

    This really grows on you after a while.

  • Ronnie Garcia 9 months ago

    oh my fucking god my heart, ive been listening to the wrong genre of music my whole life

  • Mordando Pasto Rulero 9 months ago

    nice album

  • RyoHazuki1 9 months ago

    Great album, I'm buying on bandcamp to show some support!

  • mirrorinsideout 9 months ago

    Why is everyone these days so quick to write off someone and all their prior efforts completely for something that happened in their past? If art affects you in a meaningful way, then enjoy it regardless of the artist's life. That aside, most of the accusations against Matt seem more like misreading signals and making assumptions based on being admired by many for his talents. Don't put him in the same bracket as Weinstein or an actual rapist. There are shades of gray.

    Nobody was present, so we cannot confirm the details nor severity of the accusations or how the events unfolded. He has also apologized for hurting anyone. I hope he changes for the better in his personal life and learns from his mistakes and can better establish consent when interacting with women, but I also hope he continues to release albums and play shows. Good music is good music.

  • Sonny in Phoenix 9 months ago

    All you retards talking about his sexual illness, stfu and enjoy the music haters

  • Phillip Cardona 9 months ago

    Don't care about you anymore because of what I found out. And I've been a fan since the begging and even championed 'ducktails'. Goodbye as a fan. If it's all true, you need to pay for what you've done.

  • Mijail Cioran 9 months ago


  • Brian McKnight 9 months ago

    I was one month from seeing him in Las Vegas. God damn I’m so disappointed.

  • Ignotum per ignotius 9 months ago

    Matt… I'm already a demon.

  • Tuan Jim 9 months ago

    What did he do to get labeled a sexual predator? I'm legitimately asking, does anyone know anything specific and definite about the "who/what/when/where/why/how" of these accusations?

  • magicalwizard99 9 months ago

    This album is quite dank, but he sexually assaulted a bunch of people…. I'll keep listening to it because it's listenable AF but I still feel a little guilty listening to it…

  • Francisco Jiménez 9 months ago

    The Artist ≠ The Art.

  • Brandon Iles 9 months ago

    Why would Arcade Dynamics be deleted from Spotify when this was added? Both albums are great and should both be on Spotify. Arcade Dynamics has some of my favorite songs of all time.