Dry Hydroponics is suitable for short-cycle crops, like lettuce, herbs and flowers. In cultivation ponds filled with nutrient rich water, the crops grow in cropholders placed on floats. This patented design allows crops to acquire sufficient amounts of water, light, nutrients, CO2 and oxygen at all times. The crops grow in a natural way without unnecessary human intervention.

The cultivation system
Dry Hydroponics distinguishes the above ground part (foliage) of the crop from the underground part (roots). The design provides an airy and light environment for the foliage, an ideal microclimate for the development of strong and healthy leaves. Generous amounts of water and oxygen are always available to the roots of the plant.
Furthermore, the insulating effect of the floats and the generous amounts of available water not only provide an optimal cultivation climate, it also makes Dry Hydroponics a particularly reliable cultivation system.

The logistics side of Dry Hydroponics is also very ingenious. How this works can be seen in the this video.
A.M.A. supplies Dry Hydroponics Systems across North America. We supply substrates (four choices) and replacement parts.
Email us at ama@amahort.com or call 800-338-1136. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Dry Hydroponics System from A.M.A.

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