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Increases in water scarcity and urbanisation are two of today’s great global health challenges. Dryness, a longstanding reality in much of the world, is becoming increasingly severe and widespread. It is in these contexts that cities face other challenges related to climate change, public health threats such as covid-19, and gaping inequalities in wealth and health. To maximise the physical, mental and social wellbeing of all their inhabitants, dry cities must optimise their physical and social environments and community resources. This collection, commissioned for the 2020 Virtual WISH summit, shows that healthy dry cities are eminently achievable with the right policies, institutions, technologies, and space for innovation. Related PostsDesigning healthy cities by facilitating active mobility. David DonaireHealthy Cities: PilatesGreen and Healthy Cities: Environmental Exposures and Urban Design for Healthy LongevityGardens and Healthy Cities – Floor AudioWhat sectors need to collaborate to create healthy cities and how different sectors can take action?Healthy Cities: Sesión de GAP


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