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NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This video is for documentary purposes and has been age-restricted as the contents are intended for adults over the age of 21. Cannabis may or may not be legal in your state or county and we here at Weed In a Pot do not condone any illegal activities. A time lapse video and guide of a White Widow x Rockstar’s Cheese plant closet grow in a basic hydroponic drip system from clone to harvest. A guide to build a drip hydroponic system & a how to guide to build a drip setup (that’s better then this one…) will be coming in the next videos. Like the content? Then check out our books on Amazon at Items I Used For This Grow: FloraSeries Hydroponic Nutrients: PH Adjustment Kit: PH Meter: PPM Meter: Canagrow Cree COB LED Grow Light: Small Water Pump: Vinyl Tubing: Hydroton Clay Pebbles: Humidity & Temperature Monitor: Pruning Snip: Want to support the channel and get early access to all our videos? Join our Patreon at: For a complete list and explanation of the products I used for my grows go to Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFogponic / Aeroponic Clone to Harvest Timelapse GrowFogponic / Aeroponic Clone to Harvest Timelapse GrowFogponic / Aeroponic Clone to Harvest Timelapse GrowEbb & Flow Hydro Cannabis Timelapse Grow – Clone To HarvestHydroponics Easy Self Sustaining – Beginners DIY Tomato Drip System part 5, Jalapeno harvestInstalling a Drip System | Learn How to Grow Marijuana at Home | Hydroponics | Cannabis Cultivation

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  • Andy Facey 6 months ago

    I do the same general idea, 15 minutes on 15 minutes off….. but I wouldn't call this a drip system without actual drippers….

  • Miller Guy 6 months ago

    Wow this wow if I was one word to describe your video this wow good work

  • unlimited ΙΧΘΥΣ 6 months ago

    Would this mimic a CBD indoor hemp grow?

  • street 75 6 months ago

    Nice….but…yield is too low 4 all the extra trouble or takes up room like a mf

  • Chloe Zhong 6 months ago

    wow that's so good.are you interested in reviewing our new grow light?

  • Glebiys LA 6 months ago

    For Aeroponics what are the irrigation cycles? How often and for how long?

  • koga nja kru 6 months ago

    yo bro can i show this on my show tonight?

  • greenhorn grower 6 months ago

    Do u use a timer for ur time lapse or does the little light on the camera not make a diff?

  • SoulSeeker 311 6 months ago

    Good experiment and just shows how strong the plant really is to adverse environments

  • Rimm Purple 6 months ago

    Really important for me thx u for the vidéos brotha

  • Off Planet 6 months ago

    C.R.I.S.P.R is coming my friend.
    And soooo much more.
    Were living in a great time in world history. Happ Happy

  • Salosso 6 months ago

    Keep up the Great work Dan. Cheers!

  • William Roach-Barrette 6 months ago

    Love your time-lapses man. Used to watch them all the time before the cleanse