Added by on 2016-03-02 Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Jerry Brunetti, the founder of Agri-Dynamics, a company that provides holistic animal remedies for farm, livestock, and pets. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOrganic Farming Discussion with Dr. Mercola, Will Allen and Ronnie CumminsDr. Mercola Discusses Chickens with Joel Salatin at Polyface FarmVertical FarmingInterviews & Insights: Chris Thoreau – Commercial Microgreens OperationDickson Despommier On Vertical FarmingAbout City Gardens USA Vertical Farming

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  • Daniel Hendricks 1 year ago

    This is great thanks!

  • Emily Newman 1 year ago

    Very interesting interview about the intricacies of soils effect on the nutrient of plants that grow from that soil.  The way we treat is SSSSOOOO important to the nutritional density of the plants that we grow in that soil.

  • jeffmaglio 1 year ago

    Awesome information…. Thanks Dr. Mercola.

    Mark Tahiliani

  • quistunes 1 year ago

    Rich rich source of information. Thank you. So glad there are people working on these levels. Get the awake scientists & farmers & doctors working together. 

  • Ildiko Mester 1 year ago

    EXCELLENT interview!!! Wonderful information!!!

  • CreateYourRealityNow 1 year ago

    Excellent interview! I recommend Free Organic Food Movement on Facebook… I love them. Organic Food must be FREE!

  • Richard McDonald 1 year ago

    Dear Dr.  Mercola and Mr. Brunetti, thank you so much for the very  interesting and fact-filled discussion about the state of farming, soil bacteria, and so many resources to help us along.    I really appreciate your knowledge and huge understanding of how all the pieces fit together, to create a complete biological farming practices "how to" guide.  I can hardly wait for your book.    Thanks again.
    R. McDonald..   New Mexico & Poland

  • John Bostock 1 year ago

    Jerry is ever erudite.
    Every talk, seminar or interview is an immensely informative, interesting, vitally important CD produced without the aid of a script. He's a  walking encyclopaedia about a subject fundamental to the future of our planet.
    "Food is the ultimate medicine"

  • MrJHEagle 1 year ago

    This Jerry Brunetti is brilliant.  Thanks for the interview.

  • eigarza3 1 year ago

    Hello Dr.Mercola and thank you for all that you do!!! I'm wanting to mineralize my 5 acre yard that my home sits on. We live in way down South Texas very close to the Mexican border. The drought really hits us super hard and have not been able to recover much. I want to show my Dad that re-mineralizing our soil will work. We want to start off small to prove this theory and then work it up to our ranching business. Please advise!!!

  • indigo8848 1 year ago

    What an interesting and knowledgeable man, brilliant, we need more people who think and do like him.

  • toobphish 1 year ago

    TNX Dr. Mercola and Mr. Brunetti for an excellent video! It's difficult to listen to this presentation and then assume that all of these modern deleterious soil interventions arise solely from human ignorance! It is becoming more and more clear that the GMO 'movement' was targeted to population reduction from the very first day! TNX Again!