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Start at 11:00 if you want to avoid all the babbling! See updates on my garden here: Here’s a link to the small pump: Like us on Faceook: I got a phone call near the end of the video so the last part got cut off. Here’s the rest: Tip for short people and tall Tower Gardens!! Why am I pumping out the water? Once a month, remove the water from your Tower Garden and replace with fresh water and nutrients. If you do this faithfully, you’ll get larger and healthier plants. It takes less than 15 minutes per Tower and is so easy to do. Instead of attaching the clear tube that comes with the tower to the top, I pump out through the bottom instead with a separate pump. What I did is bought a small pump on Amazon with a long tube and I use that pump to pump out the tower instead directly through the square opening. I direct the water into my other garden beds. Here’s the link to the small pump that I’m using: I attach a hose to the pump and pop the pump into the reservoir. I’m doing this instead of attaching the clear hose that comes with the Tower to the top of the Tower. My Tower Gardens are very tall (taller than normal since I’ve added on) so this is kind of hard for me (I’m 5’4″). With three Tower Gardens, this is the simplest way for me to pump out the water with the least amount of hassle. This is an aeroponic system. The plants grow strong, healthy, and are full of nutrients. It grows vegetables up to 40% faster! No gardening experience necessary. No weeding! Related PostsWhy Buying a Tower Garden May be a […]

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  • Elaine McMurray 1 year ago

    I live in Texas & wanted to know Where did you buy the towers that have the built-in hole planter??

  • Jaswinder Soin 1 year ago

    Kindly let me know what ratio of nutrients you
    Are using in the towers.
    What is the submersible pump rating??

  • Chad Pace 1 year ago

    Lol yeah, I'd just be direct to the point. Nice growth, they look great, but yeah.?

  • MrNiceMrGood 1 year ago

    what is material where you put seeds to grow??

  • Gail Johnson 1 year ago

    Just watch video. Great info. Had no idea so many plants grow in the cold. Where do you purchase the tower? Is there a smaller scale? How does it fare in northern California??

  • Brian Young 1 year ago

    way too much rambling. Why not just get straight to the subject of

  • Sarah Stetson 1 year ago

    Leah I am also in Florida (north) and was wondering if you cover your tower garden during colder weather?

  • stewart green 1 year ago

    I am also in south Forida, and I am about to start my tower, so I would love to know what makes of veg you have found grow well, can you post the varieties that have worked for you, thanks greatly appreciated.?

  • Chavez Gonsalez 1 year ago

    what i wonder its how often do you water the plants that it runs all day or jus twice at day thats my question if you can help me thanks and great video?

  • Kappucino Kiss 1 year ago

    So all these roots just grow into eachother what do you do if you want to add more vegetables, and take away for example next season grow more tomatos and no peppers??

  • Arvonne Blazier 1 year ago

    Try dish soap and water in a spray bottle to get rid of those caterpillars. ?

  • Liat Trevelyan 1 year ago

    Hi Leah, great video. 🙂 I had a question about their Tonic, is it all natural, or organic? I went to their website and I didn't see much about it other than it was an impressive formula experts came up with, without really elaborating (unless I missed something). Those are the kinds of things that make me a little unsure. Thanks for any information?

  • cee bee 1 year ago

    Thank you for the tips!!! ?

  • Rose Evans 1 year ago

    I live in Indiana, I was wondering if you can grow green beans in a garden tower??

  • Rosie030 1 year ago

    How do you manage electrical connections? I am starting a tower. ?

  • MsAldousSnow 1 year ago

    I'm very new to gardening.

  • grimesreaper 1 year ago

    if you are using cages for the tomato plants, why not put them in-ground or in big pots? you'd get the same if not more growth that way.?

  • Jo-Anne Clarke 1 year ago

    This is nuts!

  • Cosmic Carrie 1 year ago

    where is the link for the stick to measure the water??