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Juice Plus supplements are very popular for weight loss, however do they actually work to help you lose weight? In this video I talk about what Juice Plus actually is, why and how it works, then if it actually gets you the results you expect. As a spolier, it doesn’t come out great with long-term weight loss goals. If you would like the free motivation guide I mentioned, go here: Feel free to send it back for feedback. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJuice Plus Results – Diet Plan Reviews Shakes and weight lossMy Weight Loss Journey- Juice Plus Diet!!Juice Plus reviews don't always tell you the truth about JuicePlusWhat Is Juice Plus+ and how does it work? | That's Juice Plus+ !What is Juice Plus? A Nutritionist overviewDiet Review – Juice Plus

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  • Harry Snell 2 months ago

    Has anyone here used Juice Plus? Have you had success with it? Let me know.

  • Jodie Thring 2 months ago

    Juice Plus is not & has never been marketed as a weight loss supplement. It’s fruit & veggies in a capsule to bridge the gap between what you are getting & what you should be getting. Real vitamins from real food as opposed to synthetic vitamins made in a lab to replicate Mother Nature.

  • Agnes Olotu 2 months ago

    very informative and made lot of sense. I really enjoyed the video.

  • Love Girl 2 months ago


    Many of us are trying to eat healthily every day and we all know that it is not always easy. Juice Plus+ with it’s 30 fruits and vegetables can help you bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should eat every day.

  • Amanda Licano 2 months ago

    Great information! I have always wondered about this.

  • Annija Mantaja 2 months ago

    What baffles me is that there is these juice plus reps/consultants that are selling these. They have no idea about nutrition nor are they qualified.

  • Lisa rosso 2 months ago

    Talk about the capsules please not the shakes!

  • Samantha Bushkes 2 months ago

    Thanks Harry, this makes so much sense. My friend has started selling juice plus and is doing well with it, I do Keto on and off for weight loss which works well for me, but I was thinking about doing this so I could support her and lose weight. But I think I’ll stick to my Keto and IF.

  • Ja Hill886 2 months ago

    It's called water weight

  • Kelley Griffiths 2 months ago

    Thanks for this video and digging into these topics! it's so important that people really understand what they are paying for!