Do you have a “difficult” shaded garden corner? 7 best ideas plus 3 things to avoid.

7 ideas for “difficult” shaded garden corners-plus 3 options that really don’t work. 0:00 Introduction 1:35 Should you put a shed in a shady corner? 2:15 Tips for using recycled materials to build a shed 2:45 What you need to know before buying a new shed: 3:11 The advantages and disadvantages of a pergola and a pergola in a shady corner 3:26 What is the difference between a pergola and a pergola? 3:35 How to turn a pergola into a simple gazebo 4:22 Garden chairs, tables and benches in a shady corner 5:30 Can I plant trees in a shady corner? 6:44 Sculpture in a shady garden corner 7:11 Can you put a compost bin in a shady place? 8:21 What should you not put in a shady garden corner 8:49 How to create a wildlife-friendly garden: For garden or backyard garden ideas, gardening suggestions, garden design and landscape ideas, please subscribe here for medium size Garden YouTube Channel: Whether you like English garden style, cottage garden or modern urban gardening, The Middlesized Garden can provide you with gardening advice and garden ideas. Weekly videos cover gardening advice and garden design—from small space gardens to medium-sized garden landscapes—as well as garden tours and container gardening tips. Medium-sized gardens practice sustainability, wildlife gardening and no-tillage methods. If your garden backyard is less than an acre, please join us and enjoy your garden even more! “The Complete Guide to Medium-Sized Garden Garden Privacy” is available in Kindle or paperback editions in 13 countries/regions (English version only). If you want your garden to be more private, please click here for availability in your country: #gardening #gardendesign #backyardgarden For small and medium backyards and gardens… see Medium Garden Blog: For Amazon Storefront , See: Note: The link to Amazon is affiliated, which means I can charge a small fee for eligible purchases. It will not affect the price you pay, I only recommend what I use or really think you like! More garden ideas on Pinterest: Twitter: Facebook:.


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  • Shyamali Ghosh

    This video is nice and informative.i request if you give this type video I will benefit. I don't know good English. Yet I try to understand your speech.

  • Alfred Hitchcock

    I used to have lovely shade gardens until local farmers pressed the town to allow them to put up 10 ft fences. This immediately resulted in a mass migration of deer to local residences’ gardens. I use a lot of bad smelling repellents …

  • Kathryn Jackson

    I have had a property in the past that had a shady corner. You are right in how hard it is to decide what to do with it. We tried many of the ideas you mentioned, but in the end we felt we actually needed the storage space but did not want to see the storage. We put up a sort of wall angled across the area. We actually put down pavers on the storage side, but with yours already having that solved the actual ground will not be an issue. On the angled wall that was actually more out into the sun, we continued with our regular boarder as if the storage area was not there. Visually from the house it looked as if the garden did not have the break of the storage area that we ended up loving in a way that did not spoil our view!

  • Vanessa Schofield

    you have a lovely garden statue . How about you move it to that corner and behind it have a big garden mirror you can get the mirror not of glass which would be expensive but the flexible metal i dont know what the metal is called and this mirror will refelect and give a lovely focal point . also as it only gets one hour of sunlight it wont be a fire hazzard as mirrors in garden can have a fire risk . you could attach it to a wood frame /fence panel or old piece of wood and stand it diagonally across that corner and then have that statue positioned forward to it, may be you could get a red acer tree for the spot where you moved the statue from

  • Colette Oman

    I do wonder what happened with this and I will look, but…..I think a patio swing that looks out across the yard.

  • ann renee

    I'd like to know what you consider a middle sized garden; yours look mighty large to me. At that rate a large garden is the size of a park

  • zinxeb

    I'd put some shade-loving shrubs, maybe a small, ornamental tree and lots of different ferns…along with a nice water fountain and a couple of cement benches that a person can sit on and enjoy the sound of the water during the hottest part of the day when mosquitos aren't a problem.

    If there are windows on that side of the house, the sound of the water can also be enjoyed inside the house when the windows are open.

  • Austenhead

    Easy: design and build a gorgeous three panel screen in front of the shady corner, possibly one that can double as a trellis, and put any old heap of garbage behind it.

    Or take out the paving, make some different sized columns out of some sturdy wire mesh, arrange them together in a group, and plant some ivy to cover them. Mini-henge in your garden. Maybe frame the whole thing with some pretty mulch in a circle, or a contrasting ground cover.

    Or make a seating area with a fire pit and lights, for after dark.

  • 3lightsteps

    I have a North facing front garden and solved my issue with an expanded deck and stair entrance that wraps around a rock garden that includes a sculptured water feature. I planted a few large ferns, mint and a piers japonica because of grazing deer. Rock gardens are wonderful ♥

  • Nena Mom

    Thank you for the practical tips, I have a shady part of my garden, I definitely gonna use them to sort it out.

  • Deborah Caldwell

    Excellent decision-making commentary. I really have this problem in my middle sized Garden I have chosen the compost bins because it is a trash corner already. The compost keeps moving around so this is a wonderful idea for me

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