In this video we’ll be monitoring the growth of two cannabis plants. One plant will be grown with ‘base’ nutrients only – Micro, Grow & Bloom. The second plant will be grown with base nutrients and a variety of ‘additives’ in addition to the base nutrients. I’m using Future Harvest Nutrients in these grows, which I got for free from the fine folks at that company.

There is a lot of internet and YouTube comment chatter as to how useful additives really are and if we should grow with them. I set out to see what differences would develop between my two plants, using the different feeding schedules.

I’d love to hear from you all what your thoughts on additives are, if you use them, what ones you use, etc. Additionally, please share any advice you have to share on mixing nutrients and managing you reservoirs.

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————- Hydroponic Nutrients: ————-
I grew the plants in this video with Future Harvest nutrients – Use coupon code “JIMMYBHARVESTS10” for 10% off!

I’ve also used Advanced Nutrients micro/grow/bloom on the channel

————- LED Grow Lights: ————-
My primary light is the Mars Hydro TSW2000 –
I also use the Viparspectra P1000 –

————- Garden Necessities: ————-
Grodan A-OK Starter Cubes 1.5inch –
CZ heavy duty wide rim Net Cups 2inch –
Clay Pebbles (any brand) –
Programmable Outlets –
PH & TDS Meters –

————– Video Equipment: ——————-
iPhone XS / iPhone 12
Amazon Basics Tripod –
Phone Mount –
Moza mini-S Gimble –
Yongnuo Light –
HyperX Quadcast Mic –

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Do We Need Nutrient Additives? Growing Cannabis Plants with Kratky Hydroponics

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