Certainly there is no question of a negligible expense, but neither of figures that cannot fit within the budget of an average family; with the cost equivalent to the purchase of a small car, you can in fact afford a do-it-yourself swimming pool, with all the peculiar characteristics of the products on the market, but with “a few” euros saved, in spite of what neighbors may think If you are thinking of building a swimming pool in the garden of your home, congratulations, because you are on the right path to give that touch of style to the property, which will furthermore enhance it even more in case of sale, without however affect the cadastral income; moreover you will become a point of reference in the summers of your children and their friends, not to mention that you too can organize beautiful parties with a final bathroom, in perfect Hollywood style. , and last but not least, how much will you spend? Even a do-it-yourself project requires scrupulous planning, in order to avoid having to subsequently face problems to be solved that may force additional expenses.
Do-it-yourself swimming pool

How to make a do-it-yourself swimming poolThe first decisions to be made concern the location and size of the work in question; the area in which to place the pool seems to be a foregone conclusion, in a normal-sized garden, but that’s not quite the case. Insolation must be taken into account, so that the body of water is heated as much as possible in the afternoon, while ensuring the right amount of sun even in the area intended for sun loungers and umbrellas; furthermore, another factor to consider is exposure to the wind, in the sense that the area should guarantee sufficient ventilation, but also the possibility of shelter in the event of more intense gusts. These two conditions, apparently trivial, are able, by themselves, to positively or negatively affect the real possibilities of using the pool, thus determining the goodness of the investment made.

Another important factor is the size of the pool, which must be large and with different depth areas, while maintaining the right balance of proportions with the area dedicated to the sun loungers and perhaps the gazebo and the barbecue area. Basically having an “Olympic” swimming pool which can be accessed practically from the doorstep is neither practical nor elegant. It is then necessary to define the general characteristics of the structure and the type of materials. Simplifying, the perimeter structure can be in masonry, sheet metal or polystyrene, also depending on the chosen coating; and here the economic side begins to have to be managed, because the costs are significantly different, as are the various technical characteristics of the materials used; in this regard it is good to decide at this time, whether the withdrawal of the water to be purified must be done through a Skimmer system (where the nozzle is placed under the surface of the water itself), or through the overflow system with tub compensation (more beautiful and effective, but more expensive and cumbersome). To quickly overcome these problems, “ready” kits can be used, including all the material necessary for the construction, and including the water purification systems; with these kits it will also be easier, already upstream of the project, to get an idea of ​​the expenses to be incurred, to be added to those necessary for the initial excavation and to those to “furnish” the perimeter of the tank, since also the adjacent area to the swimming pool, interested in the flooring, any showers etc …, must be budgeted, given that wood, stone or grass have different costs and characteristics, both in terms of purchase and installation.

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Permits to build a swimming poolHaving decided on the measures, the location and the materials, it is necessary to dedicate some time to the permits, and here the do-it-yourself is complicated, but only slightly, because the Municipal Building Title is essential, that is the permission to carry out the construction; this permission is made necessary by the sentence of the Criminal Cassation, Section III, 27-01-2004, n. 6930: “… not only building interventions in the strict sense, but also interventions that involve the permanent transformation of undeveloped land are subject to the prior release of the building permit”. It is therefore necessary first of all to choose, based on the characteristics of the work, whether to submit a Notification of Commencement of Activities (DIA) or whether to request a Building Permit. The choice is determined both by the measures in question and by the regulations in force in the municipality where the work will be located. In principle, the DIA is valid if the total volume of the work does not exceed 20% of the total volume of the relevant building, in other cases the Building Permit is required. It is therefore necessary to contact the technical office of the municipality or, better still, to a professional, surveyor or architect, who, moreover, will have to draw up a detailed project.

How much does a do-it-yourself swimming pool costA rough account of the basic costs must take into account the excavation, the pool kit or all the materials for the construction (in the case of a complete DIY) and the cost of the professional for the projects. In detail, an excavation can cost approximately 5 euros per cubic meter (in the calculation it must be taken into account that the area concerned must also be large enough to contain the plants), to which must be added 8 euros per cubic meter, for burial of the perimeter area, and 8 euros per cubic meter for the transport of the waste material to landfill; the total could be around one thousand euros. The cost of the kit for inground pools varies, based on the size and type of the pool (walls and cladding), from five thousand to twelve thousand euros, to which an additional 30% must be added if the purification system with a system is required. infinity. Another thousand euros will then be used for plumbing and electrical systems. For the professional and for the permits, however, a few hundred euros should be enough.

It is good, and convenient, to remember that, for the construction of the swimming pool, you can ask for the application of the VAT at 10%, while it is not very clear whether you can even take advantage of the application of 4%, in the event that the aforementioned swimming pool is linked to the first house (it is better to contact the Revenue Agency directly); on the other hand, the 36% deduction cannot be used for the purposes of building renovation. The cadastral income of the property does not vary, consequently the tax rate on the properties remains unchanged, while obviously the possible sale price will undergo a moderate raise upwards, shifting the considerations on the possibility of building a swimming pool towards an investment opportunity rather than on a mere whim for an unnecessary good: in practice you can imagine yourself already lying next to your pool with the awareness of having made profit well your savings, as long as you take care of it from the first day, because bad maintenance would make it more like a pond, nullifying any effort made to build it.

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