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This is a step by step video of myself doing my own roof. This was my first roof I’ve ever done and wanted to share some of the lessons I learned along the way. The video covers the roof job from start to finish. Hopefully it expresses the commitment and work required in doing your own roof. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Roofing Options for Your HomeAmazing Vertical Garden from Recycled Old Water Pipe, Gardening Ideas for HomeChimney & Green Roof Work project on off-grid home in Bulgaria. Строеж комин и зелен покрив с Цеци.Vegetable garden at Nisha Sarang's home | Day With A Star#4 AMAZING VERTICAL GARDENING IDEAS FOR HOME | AQUAPONIC HYDROPONIC VERTICAL TOWERIndoor Mounted Wall Planters Tutorial | DIY Home Décor |


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  • Simard's Surveillance Systems 5 months ago

    This roof looks REALLY good bro…EXCELLENT Work!!!

  • damiansdroid 5 months ago

    Great job man, bet you got a roofy after this

  • Chris Wyatt 5 months ago

    Just say 3 tab and dont think the shingles are that old, you dont need to replace plywood the leak would happen if it was new plywood, dont talk yourself into more than what you need to do. The shingles are why a roof leaks, so waste all your money to do like this man, I think about 18 year old roof, dont look like it all needs plywood replacement to me. Look I see a flat point shovel up there watch the dummy throw the shingles of on the ground. Dont ever stack shingles on the roof like these idiots did, very lucky they didnt end up in your bedroom or living room.

  • Fast Internet 5 months ago

    We did 16 sq in 8 hrs and that's slow

  • Fast Internet 5 months ago

    Are you hand nailing

  • Evelyn Thai 5 months ago

    Dude this guys voice puts u to sleep so low n slow

  • Mister Pappas 5 months ago

    Do you need a permit to do this?

  • Jason Williams 5 months ago

    What a scum

  • Steve Picchi 5 months ago

    Did it even dawn on you to shingle the front while the back was being repaired? You were lucky as hell it didn't pour rain on you

  • Ergest Fezaj 5 months ago

    Good job end good company I keep people Busy to work end pay here Bill's God blas very sure if this men like to finish this job for 5 day I do put I keep people busy to work good people end good company.

  • t2009 a 5 months ago

    Good job that's the spirit

  • Mike Mckenzie 5 months ago

    Thank you for the video. Best one I've seen.

  • ExtremeRecluse 5 months ago

    I have decided to to DYI my roof. I have 3000 square feet to reroof. 9/12 pitch. Should put caulking around top of the vent boot.

  • Curtis N 5 months ago

    Any of the more experienced folks wanna chime in…?
    What's the difficulty of removing the old sheathing?
    Best methods to remove sheathing?

    Pros cons of Osb vs plywood for new sheathing in snow country?

  • Eric C 5 months ago

    I purchased an old beater home cash, that desperately needs a new roof and might have to redo the entire roof as you did being I'm low on cash. With that being said does anyone know what the square footage of this home is? The home i purchased is 1000sqft.

  • AJourneyOfYourSoul 5 months ago

    Huge props for never giving up and sticking it out till the end.

  • Extremerecluse Fallows 5 months ago

    I combined most of my stink pipes into one. Use screws to secure sheeting. Lucky you have a shallow pitched roof. Buy a small compressor and roofing nailer. Could have used all new sheeting over the old. Would have saved you a ton of time. Emerson, lake and Palmer. You got real lucky with the weather. Looks nice. Great sense of accomplishment. Congrats on saving a lot of money. Now your friends will ask you to help them. I bet you will have them use a dumpster, use a compressor and resheet the entire roof over the old.

  • djm jr 5 months ago

    Great job!! Def saved some money there.

  • Fitzanator 5 months ago

    Looked like u done a real nice job congrats