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‘Contain Yourself’ will be a new addition to the existing ‘Grass Roof’ Farm Stall and Restaurant. The building will essentially consist of a single linear barn, off axis to the existing complex, with attaching containers that will provide space for additional seating and form a new 80 seater function venue. We hope that the new addition will add value and further diversity to the ‘Grass Roof’ brand. Video Rating: / 5 Our hand made by traditional methods, log cabin playhouse. Built using hand cut saddle notched logs. Not finished just yet, it still needs the doors and windows, also the gaps between logs need filled or chinked to use the traditional terminology. I think this will be a traditional lime, clay and sand mix. There are quicker cheaper ways to build or get a playhouse, however it was quality not quantity or speed we were trying to achieve. Thanks for watching. Related PostsGreen Roof Project – RIO Architecture & DesignLandscape Architecture for Kids: What is a Green Roof?Making a simple green or grass roof on log cabin playhouseBerry Architecture Office Building Green Roof – Project of the Week 12/7/15Grass sod roof on ecological low energy eco friendly, sustainable house by www.milessampson.comRoof & Balcony Waterproofing Membrane – Instant Grass is a great idea!

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  • cmtrisket 1 year ago

    Very Nice! Simplistic yet informative. I have been gathering ideas to make my own "Trapper" style cabin and I have gained some useful knowledge from this video, Thanks!!

  • John Bowling 1 year ago

    Not traditional! The logs were shaped and sanded by machine! Traditional is finding the proper size logs and using manual tools remove the bark and any branches. The gaps caused by minor bends were not levelled out, but mud and straw as used to plug the holes. It may look traditional, but it might was well have been moulded plastic!

  • Christophe Ardennen 1 year ago

    your roof is too steep. The grass will not stay on top. Try this method next time.
    1/put gras upside down on roof
    2/put wirefence over the top on ful roof
    3/ put gras to cover the fence

    result: the roots will pass the fence + the fence will hold it all together.

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