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In this short DIY I show you how to make a quick, colorful succulent windowsill garden. Sunbathing helps succulents maintain their color and symmetry. And whenever you look out your window or work nearby, you’ll admire the beauty of these plump, easy-care plants! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Terrarium with SucculentsGreat Holiday Gift: Herb Windowsill Garden KitDIY HANGING SUCCULENTSHow To Build A Windowsill Hydroponic Herb Garden (Part 1 of 2)Roger’s Gardens | Debra Lee Baldwin Succulents SeminarDIY Faux Succulents

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  • Ruthie's Succulent Obsession 7 months ago

    Great video and I love the final product. I liked and subscribed.

  • Regy Xavier- Canal Cultivando Vida 7 months ago

    Beautiful your plants. loved it. One more inscribed and I left the like. If you can give me a pass on my channel. Kisses

  • Given To Grow 7 months ago

    Great tip about using the sand underneath the topdressing to maintain its colour. That is such a great idea! 🙂

  • lisett_WonderWoman 7 months ago

    Beautiful! I love the pop of color they give off on the window sill. Thank you for sharing Debra! 🙂

  • Craft Tea Fox 7 months ago

    Wonderful video. Did the little pots have drainage holes?

  • AnimalsAndReports 7 months ago

    Eye catching beauties ◼

  • Stacey Here we grow again 7 months ago

    Beautiful succulents! I love growing all kinds of succs, cacti, veggies and herbs! Anything really. Lol. I can't wait for this summer weather to lighten up so I can get my fall seedlings in the garden! Thanks for sharing as always! I love growing my succulents indoors. I'm transplanting a lot of my babies soon!

  • Lina Gomes 7 months ago


  • Janie Harvey 7 months ago

    Love them all-so pretty!

  • Rhythm Tyagi 7 months ago

    Beautiful! How sunny should a window sill be for succulents to thrive?

  • Jade Star 7 months ago

    Very nice! So cute with the color coordinated pots, glass and plants. Perfect for a window sill. Thank you for the video.