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In this episode, I show how to make a DIY Modular Indoor Wall Garden with Plant-Grow LED Strip Lights, and White LED Lighting. The entire DIY wall garden is made out of a single sheet of plywood, and was my entry into Kreg Jig’s One Sheet Contest ( #kregonesheetcontest ). The planters are made from stacks of plywood. Each planter is modular, in that it attaches with magnets, and has magnets on two sides, allowing it to be flipped 90 degrees and re-attached as a cubby hole in the same location. This might seem a bit unusual as a project, but I think it is a cool way to get plants into areas that you otherwise couldn’t, and to provide some flexibility to change the setup to provide more or less storage. It would work great to add greenery. Storage, and lighting behind a desk, in an office, or in an entryway / foyer (where I will be using it). The white LEDs are SK6812 WWA LEDs, and are controlled with an inexpensive controller, which allows them to be switched between warm white / cool white / amber colors, and to do some fun chasing animations. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: PARTS USED IN PROJECT: Aluminum LED Profile w/ Frosted Cover: Plant Grow LED Strip Lights: SK6812 warm white / cool white / amber LEDs: Controller & remote for SK6812 LEDs: 5V to 12V step-up power converter: Fuze-It (an amazing adhesive!): High Strength Magnets: On/Off Toggle Switches: Waterlox Wood Finish: TOOLS USED IN PROJECT: Kreg Accu-cut: Kreg Pocket Hole Jig: 1.5” Bottom Cleaning Router Bit: Dewalt 2 ¼ hp Router: Bosch Router Table: Ridgid Cordless Router: Bosch Cordless Circular Saw: Dewalt Jigsaw: Dewalt […]

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  • Modustrial Maker 1 year ago

    I'm thinking about getting back to concrete in the next video. What do you think? More concrete? More LED lighting? Or maybe both? 🙂

  • Hotrod Hog 1 year ago

    If you had to do it again, do you think you could cut down the number of magnets used on each side to three or maybe two?

  • Barry Parks 1 year ago

    Brilliant. So different. Well done

  • Mind Made Design's 1 year ago

    Nice creative

  • Jolien Brebels 1 year ago

    Hey just found out about your channel, great work!

  • puffy1333 1 year ago

    yes its me again and really getting into this one as well, question? how hard would it be to extend that bottom shelf box out to the end and cut it round to fit the back drop, so it would look like one continuous piece? I see many different ways and applications that would make this into a every day household fixture and kind of like a night light for any entry way, I could see this idea as a highly sellable concept, should do another one but paint the back board in black, to me kind of looks like bamboo pressed together, has a Asian feel to it really like awesome

  • Bowsa Barcs 1 year ago

    wow probably the best and most realistically doable video simply by watching that I have seen, bravo and incredible design. Curious for me, how much weight can those magnets hold? Like a planter filled with dirt and water? I assume it is based on the magnets one uses…

  • nyetloki 1 year ago

    Tiki God meets modern tech

  • Speedy's Woodshop 1 year ago

    This is a hella cool build…Great job!

  • TigerWild 1 year ago

    Great video I enjoyed it, however can't hit like anymore, YouTube adds liked videos to a list of likes and then I have to go delete them. Sorry, but YouTube change the way they did things again.

    Are those the kind of plants that don't really need much light or water or those air plants? Are those lights grow lights and can you plant things like herbs in this?

  • YouCanMakeThisToo 1 year ago

    Really dig the concept here, very cool!

    -Caleb Harris

  • Bruce A. Ulrich 1 year ago

    Thank you for not making me feel bad for designing as I go. I feel the same as you mentioned, if you design as you go, you can discover things that you might not otherwise.

  • Paramendium 1 year ago

    Looks like a spooky face

  • Eye Toldyoosso 1 year ago

    Great video and project man…..;-p

  • DA Designs 1 year ago

    Awesome video! I l love the layered plywood, working on a video that uses the same technique!

  • Phoenix Cherry 1 year ago