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Our first tutorial video! This is a detailed explanation of how to set up your vertical stacking planters that we use in our facilities. Contributors who opted to receive planters for perks from our Indiegogo Campaign, can have all their questions answered here. If you have just found out about these they are still available on our Campaign page. My lips got a bit sun burnt and wind chapped over the weekend and I was having difficulties speaking at times, so apologies for that. Remember folks, wear protection. =) Video Rating: / 5 Antonio Bellusci shows us how to make our own vertical planters to add a little green to your home. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNancy Jane’s Vertical Gardening with Stacking PlantersSelfWatering Stacking Planters 6packHow to Make a Vertical Garden by Stacking Pots | Tesco LivingStacking Pot Lettuce Vertical GardenDIY Vertical Herb Garden TutorialA Vertical Garden Made from DIY Stackable Planters

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