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Making the Planters! The intent of this project is to design and build a vertical self watering deck gardening system that will maximize the use of deck railings for growing vegetables and flowers. Part II ——- Construct vertical sub-irrigation planters for installation into the new deck railings. Materials for each planter: – 13 1/2″ Big “O” irrigation pipe – 16″ x 32″ landscape fabric – 14″ garden hose piece – 2 cable ties – 16 oz plastic drink cup Tools: – Knife – Wire cutters – Scissors – PVC pipe cutter (optional) – Sewing machine and thread Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDiY How To Make A Vertical Self Watering Garden From a 55 Gallon BarrelRepurpose Old CD Rack for DIY Self Watering Portable Vertical Herb Garden How to make Homemade withDIY self watering system for pot plants part1 (Hydroponics basic)Vertical Gardens / Self watering potsVertical Gardens / Self watering potsMini Indoor Garden – Self watering Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden; Small Herb Garden

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