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This a is a great solution when your growing in a tight space or in other words your “garden real estate is at a premium” 🙂 It’s good for lettuce, strawberries, peas, herbs, and many other small plant varieties. I actually cut down the unit cost on this thing by purchasing an 8 foot PVC pipe and cutting it in half to make two planters which each sit on opposite sides of my sliding patio door. Does this spark an idea for you? Please like and subscribe for more small space gardening ideas and solutions! Video Rating: / 5 Rainwater Terrace modular water butt with built in vertical gardening system. Watch the transformation over 5 weeks as the self watering planters flourish. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts20 Vertical Gardening Ideas for Turning a Small Space into a Big HarvestSmall Space Gardening Ideas – Vertical Pallet, Keyhole Garden, Wicking Raised BedVertical Gardening Made Easy – Small Space Vegetable GardenVertical Gardening Made Easy – Small Space Vegetable GardenSmall Space Vertical Vegetable Gardens Ideas-Unique Vertical Gardeninggardening with small space – vertical gardening hydroponic system

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  • naturebc 3 years ago

    Love it!?

  • Milo Dodds 3 years ago

    Nice video. I like how you made a watering system from a used popcorn container. So here are a few questions: How can you tell if you are watering too much vs. too little? Do the plants at the top or the bottom tend to grow any better? Do you put holes on the backside or plants that prefer more shade? Do you have any lessons learned (i.e. mistakes you made)??

  • Kelly Maybury 3 years ago

    Do you leave your strawberries in year after year or do you replace the plants every so often??

  • rosycheks 3 years ago


  • Sherika Collins 3 years ago

    This seems like a really great idea. I wonder if you can use this build for herbs? Do you have holes in the bottom of your bucket for drainage??

  • The Urban Patio Gardener 3 years ago

    Please feel free to post questions below! I'd love to hear from you :)?

  • The Urban Patio Gardener 3 years ago
  • Rainwater Terrace 3 years ago

    vertical gardening at its best?